Corporater overview

Corporater provides one platform. It can be configured in infinitely unique ways, but we focus on a single product. Our customers are ensured its continual development and evolution to be the best business management platform on the market.

Our Story

Corporater began in 2000 with a dual vision: to provide easy-to-use software that drives business outcomes, and to use its business gains for the betterment of the world.
Headquartered in Norway, Corporater is among the fastest-growing global software companies in performance management. Corporater has offices and partners across the globe to support its growing list of customers.


Corporater founder Tor Inge Vasshus was the leader of a performance management project in a Fortune 250 company. Learning from the experience of an IT-driven, custom development project, he decided there had to be a better way.

  • Business in Control (no coding, business people can configure)
  • Built for change (business agility)
  • Functionality and flexibility (A rich platform – Business Management Platform)
Corporater is redefining how business applications are built and used.

Corporater is a global software company that empowers medium and large organizations to evaluate, manage, and continually improve business performance by providing a business management platform that adapts to client’s unique business model, out of the box. We use our gains to make a social impact.

At Corporater, our values are at the core of how we conduct business, both directly with customer, and through our partners.

Ethics – We do what is right. We apply our ethical code of conduct to every decision, relationship, and interaction, to our colleagues, partners, customers and vendors.

Customer-centric – We are professional in all that we do, and strive to delight our customers. We are accountable, easy to work with, and responsive to their needs.

Servant leadership – Every person has value and deserves civility, trust, and respect. We work collaboratively and give credit and recognition where it is due.

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At Corporater, our values are at the core of how we conduct business, both directly with customer, and through our partners.

At Corporater, it is important that we do business the right way by applying the highest standards of ethics and integrity to our everyday business practices. Our Code of Business Conduct provides guidance and rules to help us navigate through ethical and compliance matters in our daily dealings.

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At Corporater, our values are at the core of how we conduct business, both directly with customer, and through our partners.

Corporater’s policy relating to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 is in line with our Code of Business Conduct. We remain committed to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking within the Corporater Group, our business and supply chains.

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Our Customers

Corporater has customers in 50 countries, and a user-base that has quickly grown into hundreds of thousands, ranging from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies, as well as numerous governmental organizations.


“As specialist consultants in The Senior Manager & Certification Regime, we believe Corporater has two key and necessary differentiators which help to address commonly experienced operational challenges when applying the regime: 1) the ability to ‘pull in’ and consolidate data from multiple systems across HR and Compliance, and; 2) a combination of business rules and the lack of a pre-defined data model, which enables the business to quickly adapt their solution to changes in staffing, organisational structure and regulation.”

Dan Ridler

BCS Consulting

"The Business Management Platform is extremely flexible and easy to work with and are committed to continuously improving it. The web interface is very intuitive and requires very little training to learn to use."

Chris Kauffman

Director, Outcome Measurement, Pathfinder Inc.

"Automation of performance management was the key. We wanted a tool that would enhance our decision making, allow tagging and communication”

Amit Tayal

Chief Finance Officer at NCC

“Distributing our resources into the areas of highest priority was a key challenge. We had to find a methodology that quantified strategic objectives and the key performance indicators.”

BSC group

Bergen kommune

"My clients are able to configure the model to their precise needs, providing them with a customized solution. The tool is easy to set up and once in place visually engaging. But most importantly, it allows organziations to maximize their execution efforts by tracking and analyzing results, modeling situations, and learning from what the data tells them."

Paul R. Niven

Author of 6 leading business books

Corporater’s commitment to Information Security

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