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We provide software solutions that transform organizations worldwide

Corporate Overview

Corporater is a global software company that empowers medium and large organizations worldwide to manage Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance by providing them with a business management platform that is highly configurable and adaptable to their unique business model.

We use our gains to make social impact.





Offices worldwide


Employee owned


Net ARR Growth

26% 2023A

Rule of 40

43% 2023A
Every year since 2018.


Corporater is a global software company that enables organizations to manage their governance, performance, risk, and compliance (GPRC) on a single platform. Corporater was founded in 2000. The company is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, and has ten offices around the globe, serving 450+ customers in over 50 countries. Our blue-chip client base includes organizations such as Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Johnson & Johnson, AJ Gallagher, AON, Wintershall, and others. Our customers stay with us year after year as the platform continues to bring value for their business. (Our annual gross customer retention is between 92-95%.) Corporater is a bootstrapped company.

Corporater is in Gartner MQ (Magic Quadrant) for Strategic CPM (Corporate Performance Management) and is recognized by top industry analysts in industry studies and analyst reports.

Corporater is recognized in the following reports:

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Corporater has a global partner network and works closely with selected partners to deliver trusted software solutions to customers worldwide. Our Corporater Partner Program is designed for many different types of organizations ranging from consulting to sales and IT partners / system integrators (SIs).

Corporater is a purpose-driven company. We use our gains to support various social impact initiatives aimed to make lasting positive social change and improve the quality of life of those in need. Click here to learn more about our social impact initiatives.

Business Management Platform

Corporater Business Management Platform (BMP) is a robust, flexible, enterprise-grade technology best suited for the needs of medium and large organizations.

Built as a configurable software, Corporater adapts to organizations’ unique business model, which enables organizations to mirror their specific organizational processes and structures, create a digital twin of their organization and function as a connected enterprise. No coding needed.

corporater overview for investors

Solutions built on Corporater BMP enable organizations to implement corporate governance, continually improve their business performance, proactively manage risk, and stay on top of compliance. Based on ever-changing market demand, we offer a wide portfolio of solutions including Performance Management with Balanced Scorecard, Enterprise Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance Management, Audit Management, and others.

Corporater solutions can be integrated with one another or be used independently as point solutions. Corporater solutions are also easily scalable allowing organizations to grow within the platform as their needs evolve.

Corporater is verified by Veracode with 100/100 security ranking.

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Top organizations across the globe

Our solutions are used by public and private organizations in various industries, including state and local government, banking and finance, insurance, oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, healthcare, communications, technology, education, energy, logistics, food and agriculture, media, and non-profit.

Ensuring sustainable business growth


Exceptional value for our stakeholders

Deliver best-in-class business management solutions aligned with current market and technology trends.


Long-term profitable growth

Drive sustainable ARR growth through continuous innovation, customer-centric approach, acquisitions, and partner ecosystem.


Social impact & Corporate responsibility

Conduct social impact initiatives to improve the quality of life of those in need and create a better world through sustainable operations.

Our Approach

It is our ongoing goal to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions, and we take pride in our customers staying with us year after year after year.

Exception as the rule

At Corporater we know that that no two organizations are alike, which is why we developed Corporater BMP as a highly configurable software that can be tailored to organizations’ specific needs and continuously modified as organization’s needs evolve.

We work tirelessly to put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Every business solution is created with our customers’ needs in mind and the understanding of how they will use the solution to help drive business outcomes. We genuinely care about our customers and provide each of them with a prompt, proactive post-implementation support.

corporater overview for investors
Ongoing Innovation

We are committed to deliver best-in-class software solutions to each of our customers.

We maintain our excellence by hiring the best developers in the industry and continuously investing in software development. As a result, our customers are always working with up-to-date, modern solutions with premium capabilities in step with the latest technology trends.

corporater overview for investors
Unmatched Business Value

Corporater BMP is a software that organizations can grow with. Many of our customers choose to start with a single solution and add more solutions over time as their organization matures, or as their needs evolve. Because all Corporater solutions can be seamlessly integrated with one another, the process of scaling up is fast and easy.

Flexible Configuration

Large organizations demand lots of flexibility. Corporater is built as a low-code, flexible platform that can be configured precisely per organization’s specific requirements.

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Corporater solutions are scalable with rapid expansion capabilities allowing organizations to use a single tool across their operations and function as a connected enterprise.

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Our customers’ security is our top priority. Corporater is verified by Veracode and offers the highest level of security and protection for our customers’ data available today.

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Rapid Implementation

Our rapid solution deployment methodology allows us to launch solutions in a matter of weeks, not months, allowing our customers to get up and running fast.

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