Project & Portfolio Management

Project & Portfolio Management

Project and portfolio management solutions

Align your projects and portfolios with your corporate strategy to make sound business decisions

Corporater Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software is a scalable multi-user portfolio management system that enables organizations to select, prioritize and manage projects and portfolios across the entire organization based on resource capacity, financial constraints, and strategic goals.

Understand the big picture

Manage all your project portfolios in a single system – see the big picture with dashboards and analytics.

Achieve a strategic alignment

Create, organize, and manage project portfolios in alignment with your strategic goals and objectives.

Analyze and forecast cost and effort

Conduct investment portfolio analysis, forecast capacity, and rank your investments based on priorities and drivers.

Deliver business results

Continuously optimize your PPM program, balance resources against demand, and empower your teams to deliver.

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Project & Portfolio Management

Investment Portfolio
Management Software

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Project & Portfolio Management

Project & Portfolio
Management Software

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Business-driven Project Management

Corporater Business Management Platform enables managers to evaluate the costs and benefits of their projects and activities. Are they delivering their intended business outcomes? Are they assigned the right resources and prioritization? Corporater PPM solutions are easy to use and can be integrated with most third-party project management apps.

Connect projects with plans, objectives, goals, risks, and financial resources to make better management decisions.

Project & Portfolio Management

Improve project and portfolio planning

Create a single source of truth through centralizing all your data into a single view. With Corporater, you may create custom project and portfolio dashboards based on organizational level, assign tasks to your teams, and ensure projects are getting delivered on budget, on time, and within scope. Having a complete overview of your PPM activities leads to better decision making and improved planning.

Project & Portfolio Management

Increase accountability and improve PM performance

Empower your Project Managers (PMs) with a tool that enables them to speed up their day-to-day workflow. Corporater user-friendly software makes it easy for PMs to automate manual processes, collaborate with other departments and business units, manage their projects and portfolios, complete their assigned tasks, and generate reports for senior management.

Project & Portfolio Management

Achieve a competitive edge for your organization

The future is digital. Corporater software empowers organizations to interconnect and digitalize their operations, so they could save time and resources and function efficiently as a connected enterprise. Corporater solutions enable organization to automate repetitive processes, eliminate silos and busywork, and continuously optimize operations.

Trusted by top organizations

Corporater solutions are used by top organization is various industries and functions, including state and local government, energy, education, banking and finance, oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, healthcare, communications, technology, logistics, food and agriculture, media, and non-profit.

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