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Business-integrated GRC System

Establish a holistic and integrated GRC program tailored to your organization.

Corporater GRC Platform

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At Corporater we know that no two organizations are alike, which is why we built Corporater Business Management Platform as a flexible, configurable software that can be tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

Whether you favor a risk-based approach, a compliance-focused approach, or an integrated GRC approach, with Corporater, you may create a custom GRC system tailored to your current needs and scale as your needs evolve.


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Corporater Business Management Platform

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All Corporater solutions can be used independently as purpose-built point solutions, or be seamlessly integrated with one another to form a holistic GRC program.

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Integrated GRC Platform

Corporater provides an integrated GRC platform for Risk & Compliance Management, enabling a shift from a compliance-driven focus to a risk-driven approach – aligned with business performance and strategy execution.

Govern, manage, and assure your performance, risk, and compliance

Digitalize, systemize, govern, manage, and assure Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance (GPRC) programs on a single platform to eliminate silos and achieve compliance-centric, operations-centric, and performance-centric outcomes.

Move away from scattered reporting to automation, accuracy, and transparency. Align business objectives with risk and compliance strategies and enable information flow both horizontally and vertically. Metrics such as KPIs, KCIs, KRIs can be easily visualized within their business context, and linked to individuals, business units, projects, goals, processes, as well as integrated with third party systems.

Achieve a digital transformation and a holistic oversight of your business

Executive and individual dashboard views give visibility into progress for all stakeholders and help maximize performance, ensure sustainability, and improve internal culture and accountability.

With Corporater you may monitor and manage GRC activities, assign tasks and track their progress, conduct risk assessments and audits, generate management and board-ready reports, and assure overall business performance and conformance across all levels of your organization.


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Key Benefits of Corporater Business-integrated GRC System

Achieve a holistic overview of your GRC activities

Corporater Business-integrated GRC software enables organizations to have holistic overview of their governance, risk, and compliance activities. It integrates multiple functions, departments, and business units, allowing for better collaboration, communication, and alignment across the organization.

Have it your way!

Corporater Business Management Platform offers more configuration options than any other software on the market. Every Corporater solution can be configured precisely per your specific requirements and be continuously modified as your organization’s needs evolve. Make updates to your organizational structures, processes, and workflows, optimize your GRC dashboards, set up new templates, add exceptions to your rules, and more. Indefinitely. With Corporater, you’re never stuck, never locked in. No coding needed.

Integrate GRC with Performance

Corporater enables organizations to establish a holistic GRC program integrated with performance and strategy management using a single system. By integrating GRC with strategy and performance management, organizations can ensure that governance, risk management, and compliance activities are aligned with the overall objectives and priorities of the organization. It enables a unified approach, where risk mitigation and compliance efforts are directly linked to strategic goals, fostering a culture of accountability, and driving performance.

Integrating GRC with strategy and performance management also enables organizations to develop early warning systems. By incorporating risk indicators and compliance metrics into performance monitoring systems, organizations can identify potential issues or deviations from expected performance early on. This proactive approach allows timely intervention, enabling organizations to prevent or mitigate risks, and maintain alignment with strategic goals.

Mitigate Risk

Corporater Business-integrated GRC software helps identify, assess, and manage risks effectively. It provides tools and frameworks to evaluate risks, develop risk mitigation strategies, and monitor key risk indicators (KRIs). This proactive approach enables organizations to prevent or minimize potential risks and their negative impacts.

Demonstrate Compliance

Corporater Business-integrated GRC software simplifies compliance management by automating compliance processes and providing a centralized repository for policies, regulations, and standards. It enables organizations to track and monitor compliance activities, generate compliance reports, and ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

Manage Audit and Internal Controls

Corporater Business-integrated GRC software assists in managing audits and internal controls more efficiently. It automates the audit process, tracks audit findings, and monitors the implementation of corrective actions. It also facilitates the management of internal control frameworks, ensuring adherence to control objectives and regulatory requirements.

Visualize your data story

Transform your raw data into meaningful data visualizations to see status, trends, outliners, changes, and patterns in your data. Corporater built-in ETL transformer enables you to combine and process large amounts of structured and unstructured data, combine it with human input, and display it visually as insights on custom dashboards and reports. As you execute on your strategy, Corporater powerful data visualizations let you tell the complete story of your journey and where you’re headed.

Assure data and information security governance

Keep your and your customers’ data safe and protected. Corporater enables you to create an integrated Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on e.g., ISO 27001 standard, communicate policies and procedures for the management of private and sensitive data, implement control measures, proactively assess threats and vulnerabilities, and build resilience against cyber risks.

Enable informed decision-making

Corporater Business-integrated GRC software provides timely and accurate data, enabling informed decision-making at all levels of the organization. It facilitates risk assessments, scenario modeling, and impact analysis, helping management make strategic decisions based on a thorough understanding of risks and compliance requirements.

Improve efficiency

Corporater Business-integrated GRC software streamlines and automates various processes and workflows related to governance, risk management, and compliance. It eliminates manual tasks (e.g., gathering data from scattered spreadsheets), reduces paperwork by digitalization of processes, and centralizes data, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Reduce cost

By automating manual tasks, reducing duplication of efforts, and preventing compliance violations or risk incidents, Corporater Business-integrated GRC software can help reduce operational costs. It eliminates the need for disparate systems, manual data entry, and spreadsheets, resulting in cost savings and improved resource allocation.

Grow into the future

As your business evolves, so should your software. Corporater Business-integrated GRC software is scalable, allowing organizations to adapt to changing business needs and expanding regulatory landscapes. It can handle large volumes of data, accommodate thousands of users, and integrate with other enterprise systems, ensuring flexibility and scalability as the organization grows.

Corporater GRC Platform
  • SaaS, on premise, or private cloud deployment
  • Industry-leading security for your data
  • Flexible configuration and customization
  • Rapid implementation
  • Ongoing support and innovation

“Corporater has been instrumental in helping Gallagher in the UK to successfully move a range of manual Governance, Risk and Compliance processes onto a web-based platform. We have benefited from improved efficiencies in the management of these processes and access to higher quality MI and insights. We have found the Corporater team’s approach to be collaborative and solutions-focused. Their subject matter experts have helped us to configure our solutions to align with current needs and we have been able to achieve a degree of future-proofing thanks to the functionality the platform provides.”

Gallagher UK | London

Key Capabilities

Solutions built on Corporater Business Management Platform come pre-configured with industry best practice frameworks, templates, and functionalities.

Flexible Configuration

Create a digital twin of your organization. Corporater features an agile, flexible configuration environment managed directly by end users.

Business Framework Support

Establish, visualize, and align goals, objectives, and thresholds across the organization according to well-known business frameworks.

Data Integration

Have a single source of truth. Corporater comes with a powerful data integration engine built to integrate large amounts of data from a wide range of sources.

Automated Workflows

Automate your business processes and workflows to streamline operations, increase accountability, and ensure adherence to your procedures.

Data Visualization

Visualize your data story with custom-colored charts, graphs, risk heat maps, strategy maps, and more. Add your brand colors and design elements.

Strategic Planning

Align the day-to-day work that everyone is doing with your corporate strategy. Prioritize projects, tasks, and initiatives.

KPI and BI Dashboards

Create role-based dashboards to track strategic initiatives at all levels of your organization. Monitor your KPIs and execute your strategy.

Meeting Management

Set up meeting invites, create agendas, tag projects to be reviewed and discussed, add attachments, and send out meeting invites to attendees.

Powerful Reports

Generate comprehensive reports in a variety of popular formats, including Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF. Include visual elements such as graphs and risk heat maps.

Risk Assessments

Analyze, evaluate, and respond to your risks. Corporater supports quantitative, qualitative, and semi-quantitative risk assessments.

Alerts & Notifications

Create custom alerts to notify key stakeholders when a KPI moves above or below a specified threshold, when a goal is reached, or when a new issue arises.

Access Control

Assign custom user access based on user role and control user permissions to manage content visibility and access to specific dashboards and features.

Corporater GPRC Matrix

The GPRC matrix, also known as the Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance matrix, is a framework used to assess and manage the key aspects of an organization’s operations. It provides a holistic view of an organization’s performance by evaluating its governance practices, operational performance, risk management, and compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Corporater Business-integrated GRC software fully supports the GPRC matrix, offering organizations a comprehensive solution for establishing and maintaining an effective GPRC program. By seamlessly integrating GRC with performance and strategy management, Corporater enables organizations to efficiently govern, manage, and assure their performance, risk, and compliance on a single platform.

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All solutions built on Corporater Business Management platform can be seamlessly integrated with one another allowing you to start with one solution and scale up later as your needs evolve. With Corporater, the process of scaling up is fast, easy, and non-disruptive to the end users.


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Corporater solutions are used by top organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies.

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