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Corporater Enterprise Risk Management Solution

Corporater Enterprise Risk Management solution’s out-of-the-box functionality allows firms to conduct risk assessments, manage various types of risks, and report on risk mitigation controls measures.

Watch this demo for a quick overview of the Enterprise Risk Management solution:

  • Risk Register – Viewing and managing the organization’s risk register of all identified risks
  • Objectives Risk Assessment – Linking the organization’s risks to objectives, and assessing the risk impact
  • Risk Treatment – Using dashboards to collect information on risk treatment activities and details
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation – Adding and tracking risk description, risk owner, related objectives, responsible division, related assets, etc., and assessing the likelihood and impact
  • Risk Controls – Viewing current controls for identified risks, assigning owners, control type, and level of effectiveness based on design, monitoring, documentation, etc.
  • Critical Assets – Identifying and managing the organization’s critical assets and risks associated with them
  • Top 10 Risks – Gathering a high-level view of the organization’s top ten risks
  • Risk Dashboards – Examples of interactive dashboards that provide insights into the organization’s risk profile
  • Risk Reporting – Understanding the range of reporting options available including comprehensive and high-level reports
  • Help Center – Accessing help manuals and resources

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