GRC integrated with Performance

Govern, manage, and assure your performance, risk and compliance with a single tool

Integrated GRC Platform

Corporater provides an integrated GRC platform for Risk & Compliance Management, enabling a shift from a compliance-driven focus to a risk-driven approach – aligned with business performance and strategy execution.

Govern, manage, and assure your performance, risk, and compliance

Digitalize, systemize, govern, manage and assure Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance programs on a single platform to eliminates silos and achieve compliance-centric, operations-centric and performance-centric outcomes.

Move away from old legacy internal reporting to modern transparency. Align business objectives with risk and compliance strategies and enable information flow both horizontally and vertically. Metrics such as KPIs, KCIs, KRIs can be easily visualized within their business context, and linked to individuals, business units, projects, goals, processes, as well as integrated with 3rd party systems.

Achieve a digital transformation and a holistic oversight of your business

Executive and individual dashboard views gives visibility into progress for all stakeholders, maximizes performance, ensures sustainability and improves internal culture and accountability.

Automated policy development and management, compliance risk assessment, control rationalization, assessment and attestation, regulatory change management and investigative case management support goals and activities of compliance leaders.


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Build an integrated, mature GRC program aligned with your strategic goals and objectives. All Corporater solutions can be seamlessly integrated with one another allowing you to start in one area and add more solutions later as your organization’s needs evolve.

Corporater GPRC Matrix

Corporater provides great value by enabling organizations to systematically establish an effective, integrated GRC program that enables them to govern, manage and assure their performance, risk, and compliance.

We support organizations on their digital transformation journey through a modular approach. Based on your needs, goals, and objectives, you may deploy one, two, or a few of our solutions and add more later as your needs evolve. Every solution can be used as a stand-alone or become a part of your holistic GRC program.

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The key benefits of Corporater GRC software

Set strategies, align goals, automate processes, drive continuous improvement, track compliance, improve collaboration, monitor and manage risk factors, and drive overall business performance and conformance using a common, role-based and holistic GRC software.

Internal Management System

Seamlessly manage and monitor up to multiple internal management systems on one platform and experience the benefits of having one view and one platform for running your business.

From Internal Control to several ISO standards in a risk-driven, integrated environment combined with other Corporater solutions will enable your business and provide a competitive edge.

GRC Platform
Internal Control

Establish the foundation for sound internal control within the company based on ISO 9001 and COSO – through directed leadership, shared values and a culture that emphasizes accountability for control. Identify, assess, and mitigate the various risks facing the company at all levels and within all functions in the organization.

Communicate and monitor the entire system of internal controls and address problems timely and effectively.

GRC Platform
Information Security Governance

Take a complete, digital approach for governing, managing and measuring your Information Security Management System (ISMS) using an integrated approach for Risk Management and Compliance Management.

By leveraging an Integrated Risk Management approach, your organization can achieve a holistic view for your enterprise’s risk management – elevating IT risks to the board room.

GRC Platform
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At Corporater we know that every organization is different in their structure, processes, and the way they manage business. If you are seeking a specific solution and want to understand how it can be configured on our Business Management Platform, get in touch with us.

GRC Platform
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