The Next Generation of Integrated GRC

Corporater Business Management Platform is an enterprise-grade software that enables top organizations worldwide to establish an effective, business-integrated GRC or GPRC program.

Corporater empowers organizations to align GRC activities with strategic objectives and performance goals, interconnect people, processes, and data, and foster a culture of transparency and accountability across all organizational levels, leading to enhanced strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.

The Corporater Difference GPRC Framework


Corporater for Mid-Size Organizations

Discover Corporater solutions for Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance (GPRC) designed specifically for the unique challenges of managing and advancing GRC in medium-sized organizations.

Combine solutions based on your specific use cases and business requirements to fully support your GRC program connected with strategy and performance, all on a single, agile platform.


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Corporater for Enterprise Organizations

Empower your organization with a custom enterprise-grade GRC system that fits the needs of your organization. Have a complete overview of all your business activities, GRC, strategy, and performance management on a single platform.

Create a digital twin of your organization and operate efficiently as a connected enterprise. Enable performance-driven GRC, risk-awareness, and centralized compliance management throughout your organization.


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All Corporater GPRC solutions can be used independently as purpose-built point solutions or be seamlessly integrated into a custom, configurable GRC or GPRC system — providing organizations with the flexibility they need to have a solution that fits their specific requirements today and in the future.

The Corporater Difference

Corporater Business Management Platform empowers organizations to effectively govern, manage, and assure their performance, risk, and compliance (GPRC) using a single centralized system.

Create a digital twin of your organization and drive business outcomes as a connected enterprise. Gain insights into the factors, especially those related to risk, influencing performance objectives and assign corresponding measures. Empower the Board and executive management teams to ensure that their strategic plans are in alignment with the changes occurring in the operating environment.

Business-integrated GPRC

Corporater enables organizations to align governance, performance, risk, and compliance (GPRC) processes directly with business objectives, ensuring a unified approach that maximizes organizational effectiveness and drives sustainable growth.

With a centralized business-integrated GPRC system, your organization may ensure that GRC and performance are not managed in isolation but are interwoven into the core business strategy and day-to-day operations, leading to more informed decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved overall business resilience.

With Corporater, you can:

  • Create a digital twin of your organization
  • Digitalize and automate your operations
  • Manage GRC integrated with Performance and Strategy
  • Use data insights to drive business outcomes
  • Connect your people, processes, and data
  • Operate efficiently as a connected enterprise
Corporater Powerful GPRC Capabilities

Whether you are looking to roll out a large cybersecurity and compliance program or establish a policy management workflow, Corporater can support the goals of your GRC program with the right set of tools and capabilities.

Corporater solutions come with a powerful GPRC-specific features and capabilities that enable organizations digitalize and automate various processes, create custom GRC workflows, establish data governance rules, and more.

Most importantly, with the integration of strategy and performance management, Corporater provides the unique capability of performance-driven GRC for achieving a risk-intelligent and compliant culture aligned with corporate strategy.

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No need to code. Corporater comes with powerful digital building blocks that can be combined in infinite unique ways to create custom dashboards, processes, workflows, and more. No coding needed.

Flexible Configuration

With Corporater, you can have your solution, your way. Today, and in the future.

Built as a flexible, highly configurable software, Corporater enables you to create a solution tailored to your organization’s specific business requirements, and make ongoing modifications as your needs evolve.

With Corporater, you can:

  • Mirror your organizational structures and workflows
  • Create custom dashboards for your teams, departments, and executive leadership
  • Automate your processes, alerts, notifications, and reporting
  • Add new entities and business units
  • Extend your metadata model
  • ++
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GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective
Corporater - Delivering an Integrated view of G[P]RC to the Enterprise

Organizations choose Corporater as they seek a single agile and integrated architecture to automate a range of GRC, performance management, and other business processes. Typical use cases for Corporater span the GRC space, and the solution is highly configurable for an organization to build its own business process/management solutions.

GRC 2020 Solution Perspective Corporater 2024
Powerful Data Integration

Transform complex data into actionable intelligence.

Corporater is built with a robust ETL Transformer designed to combine, process, and format large amounts of structured and unstructured data from various sources and APIs. This powerful tool consolidates data into a unified source of truth, enabling organizations to have a complete overview of their business.

Corporater enables the seamless integration of automated data flows with manually entered user data, all presented on custom dashboards, where users can take action on identified insights.

With Corporater, you can achieve efficient and secure data governance and make smarter data-driven decisions that drive business outcomes.

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Future-proof Software

The only constant in business is change, which is why we built Corporater Business Management Platform as a future-proof software.

For over 20 years Corporater solutions have been trusted by organizations in highly regulated industries including government, banking and finance, manufacturing, energy and utilities, telecommunications, healthcare, education, and others.

As the business environment evolves, we continuously innovate our technology with new features and capabilities to proactively support the changing needs and requirements of our customers.

With Corporater, you may address the challenges of today while preparing for the changes of tomorrow.

Recognized by Top Analysts

Corporater is recognized by top industry analysts.

Corporater software solutions for Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance (GPRC) are trusted by hundreds of organizations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies. Corporater solutions are secure, configurable, scalable, and built to support the needs of today’s modern organizations.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what top analyst firms and GRC experts say about Corporater.

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Why top organizations choose Corporater

Deployment of your choice

Select deployment that fits your needs: SaaS, on premise, or private cloud.

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Powerful Data Integration

Integrate data from various sources to have a full picture of your business.

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Flexible Configuration

Have it your way – create a solution that fits your specific business requirements.

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Rapid Implementation

Get up and running fast with Corporater customizable off-the-shelf solutions.

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Industry-leading Security

Corporater is VL5 Veracode Verified and offers the highest level of security.

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World-class Customer Support

We are here for you with premium support and continuous innovation updates.

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