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Corporater Business Management Platform is built to meet the enterprise security, compliance and privacy requirements of our customers in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, government, oil & gas, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and others. Corporater is Veracode Verified and undergoes regular compliance audits to ensure the requirements of customers and regulators are met.

Corporater software is GDPR compliant.

Software Security

We are committed to providing secure software to all our customers. All Corporater solutions are developed through secure coding practices to keep your information guarded from data breaches and online security threats.

Veracode Verified. Corporater is VL5 Veracode Verified and offers the highest level of security and protection for your data. Being a part of Veracode Verified program proves that Corporater meets a high standard of security necessary to keep customer data sufficiently protected.

Secure updates. Corporater continuously evolves in step with latest technology trends and ever-changing IT security threats. All new versions of Corporater software undergo strict quality and security assurance testing before being made available for release.

corporater software security
Data Protection

To demonstrate our compliance obligations with data protection and privacy laws, Corporater has implemented a wide range of measures to help protect data controlled by us and our customers.

ISM program. In order to protect our customers and their data, Corporater has adopted a formal information security management (ISM) program that governs software development, infrastructure operation, administration, and delivery of the Corporater software.

GDPR compliance. Corporater software is GDPR compliant. We respect our customers’ data and privacy and make every effort to follow GDPR guidelines set by EU.

Data protection awareness. Corporater fosters a strong culture of security and data protection awareness across all its offices. All employees are trained on data security measures and committed to ensure the security and confidentiality of our customers’ data.

Corporater data protection and privacy
Access Control

Assign custom user roles based on organization level and control user permissions to manage content visibility and access to specific dashboards and features.

Single sign-on (SSO). Enable your users to log in quickly, conveniently, and securely using a single sign-on. Using SSO improves efficiency, strengthens IT and cybersecurity, streamlines administration, and creates a more convenient experience for you and your end users.

Authentication. Use Corporater built-in login functionality with customized password policies or use your own identity provider such as AzureAD, ADFS, Okta, PingID or others.

Precise authorization. Assign role-based permissions to your users to control who can read, write, delete, access specific content within your solution.

role based access control

Corporater SaaS is ISO Certified

Corporater SaaS is ISO 27001 certified, and as such has a rigorous information security management system (ISMS) in place, which serves as a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in our information risk management processes.

ISO 27001 verifies that Corporater SaaS meets high standards of risk management and security controls to keep its customers’ information assets secure.


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