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Barrier Management Software

Take a proactive approach to barrier risk management to ensure workforce and environmental safety. Cultivate risk-intelligent culture and minimize the possibility of incidents.

barrier management software
Keep your operations safe and productive

Improve the safety of your operations with Corporater Barrier Management software to keep your employees, customers, and the environment protected. Visualize the status of your risk controls and barriers in a bowtie diagram in one holistic view. Conduct risk assessments to gain insights into the operational risks occurring now and those that could be on the horizon.

Corporater Barrier Risk Management Software

To ensure stable, safe, and predictable operations, organizations need to have a holistic overview of potential risks. Corporater Barrier Risk Management (BRM) solution is an enterprise-grade digital tool that enables organizations to have a complete overview of operational risks, develop effective control measures, and present the status of barriers and risks in a clear, understandable manner.

Corporater Barrier Risk Management solution provides a complete overview of your organization’s risk and risk barriers. With tools such as full data integration, drilldown functions, data visualization (charts, heat maps, bowtie diagrams, etc.), and automated notifications, your risk personnel can have a complete oversight of Major Accident Hazard (MAH) scenarios, and proactively manage the status of barrier functions set up to prevent, control, and correct any defined scenario.

With Corporater Business Management Platform, organizations may choose to manage operational hazard risks as a part of a holistic Integrated Risk Management system that interconnects organization’s business activates related to enterprise risk management, compliance, performance, and audit. Corporater is an ISO-approved distributor and enables organizations to meet various ISO standards including ISO 31000, ISO 13702, and ISO 17776.

Corporater is trusted by some of the top organizations in the oil and gas industry.

Corporater 2-step approach for an efficient barrier management

STEP 1: Strategy Definition & Barrier Mapping

A barrier strategy is defined by the organization, and barriers are then mapped out in the system under specific barrier functions. Barrier performance indicators and other key metrics are then displayed on custom dashboards. Threats, hazard, incident event, barriers, and consequences can be displayed in bow-tie diagrams to serve as a visual explanation of potential risks.

STEP 2: Continuous Data Analysis & Action

Corporater continuously aggregates and analyzes data from multiple data sources such as risk assessments, inspection data entries, PTW forms, various monitoring systems, logs, etc., and displays them as data visualizations on custom dashboards, where users can take preventive or corrective actions. Corporater dashboards provide a high-level overview of the barrier status and other key information. Users can drill down on each metric to access more details.

Using a centralized system for barrier management ensures transparency across your organization and allows teams to prioritize their activities to ensure safe operations.

Solution Features

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Risk management dashboards
  • Risk register
  • Bowtie diagrams
  • Policy management for safety procedures and operational risk policies
  • Visualization of hazard scenarios, safety barriers, KRIs, KPIs, and other metrics
  • Accident scenarios modeling
  • Improvement database
  • Data integration (automated and manual data input)
  • Third-party data integration
  • Risk assessments
  • Risk analysis (including scenario analysis, correlation, and sensitivity analysis/contribution)
  • Risk thresholds
  • Risk treatment
  • Risk mitigation workflows
  • Risk-bearing capacity
  • Control activities
  • Policy management
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Customizable branding
  • Access control / permissions
  • SSO

Solution Benefits

Achieve a holistic oversight of operational risk across your organization

Create custom risk dashboards to oversee the status of your barriers at selected sites, business units, regions, or across your entire organization. Define custom risk properties, barrier types, and thresholds per site and area. Visualize hazard scenarios on bowtie diagrams, model accident scenarios, and see cumulative risk impact.

Proactively monitor, identify, assess, and address risks

Perform risk assessments based on the probability and severity of hazards. Assign risk owners, and track status of assigned tasks and risk assessments. Create corrective and preventive action plans (CAPA) for incidents, hazards, safety inspections, and industrial hygiene activities. Link hazards to safety activities, including inspections, incidents, and observations. Report, analyze and resolve safety hazards within each unit of your organization.

Streamline operations by automating workflows, notifications, and reporting

Define, standardize, and automate custom workflows for safety hazard lifecycle, e.g., investigation and corrective action. Set up automated notifications and alerts to notify users of assigned tasks, hazardous conditions, or when hazards are identified or resolved at their locations. Generate and distribute reports to communicate status of barriers and hazards for each operational unit.

Improve operational safety by fostering a risk-intelligent culture

Foster a risk-intelligent culture by communicating risk at all levels of your organization. Create bowtie diagrams to visualize possible hazard scenarios in a single view to improve your employees’ barrier understanding and awareness. Map out hazards, top events, threats, consequences, and barriers to provide your teams with a clear understanding of potential risks and their impact. Prevent major accidents by keeping your staff educated about the importance of barrier management.

Demonstrate regulatory compliance

Demonstrate regulatory compliance with applicable standards, laws, rules, and regulations applicable to your industry. Evidence that you have clearly defined safety protocols and measures in place, and that your procedures are being communicated and adhered to. Generate comprehensive compliance reports and export them in a variety of popular formats including Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF.

barrier management software
  • SaaS, on premise, or private cloud deployment
  • Industry-leading security for your data
  • Flexible configuration and customization
  • Rapid implementation
  • Ongoing support and innovation

“What was important for Gassco was the ability to communicate risk in new ways. We put away the traditional risk matrix, and needed a risk radar to communicate emerging risks, and there were no others that could do it.”

Lars Bjarne Røvang

Seniorradgiver Risk Management | Gassco, Norway

Key Capabilities

Corporater Barrier Risk Management (BRM) software comes pre-configured with best practice frameworks, templates, and functionalities needed for an efficient risk management.

Risk Dashboards

Create custom risk dashboards to have a complete overview of risks, their potential impact, options for risk mitigation, and more.

Risk Planning

Keep your organization prepared for the unexpected with Corporater risk planning and early risk identification.

Risk Identification

Continuously identify risks in various ways — from forms, data integrations, or user input — and record them in a centralized risk register (risk inventory).

Risk Assessments

Analyze, evaluate, and respond to your risks. Corporater supports quantitative, qualitative, and semi-quantitative risk assessments.

Risk Monitoring

Monitor identified, residual and secondary risks, take a corrective action, and measure effectiveness of your response.

Risk Reports

Generate custom risk reports and submit them through review / approval process. Include visual elements such as graphs and risk heat maps.

Risk Register

Build and maintain a centralized risk register (risk inventory) to have a complete and current overview of risks across your organization.

Incident Management

Establish and automate incident management process to minimize adverse impact on your organization. Monitor, report, and resolve incidents.

Alerts & Notifications

Create custom alerts to notify key stakeholders when a KPI moves above or below a specified threshold, when a goal is reached, or when a new issue arises.

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