OBOS automates portfolio and initiatives management with Corporater

Corporater enables OBOS to manage and drive new initiatives and projects efficiently.

OBOS engages in the development and sale of homes and properties, banking and financial solutions, property management, real estate brokerage and other forms of service production in the housing and property sector.

With a strong reputation built over the past 90 years, OBOS has adopted a corporate strategy to donate up to ten percent of all post-tax earnings to community development by 2026.


OBOS mainly specializes in:

  • Housing development
  • Business management and technical consultancy
  • Commercial property investments
  • Banking and real estate brokerage
  • Digital services

“The most important part now is that technology does not alter our business model, that technology doesn’t limit us but rather supports the needs we have. And that is an area I hope we can use Corporater for its full potential.”

Jon Nonseid, Business Controller | OBOS

OBOS is the largest housing developer in Norway and one of the largest in Scandinavia. The organization is a cooperative owned by its 554,000 members that was established in 1929 to provide a solution to Oslo’s housing problems. The organization is active in Norway and Sweden, has around 2,700 employees and is headquartered in Oslo.


Housing & Construction

Customer Statistics

  • Established in 1929
  • Largest housing developer in Norway
  • Over 100,000 houses built
  • 2700 employees
  • 554,000 cooperative members

OBOS has a large portfolio of projects with a long life span which involves many stakeholders. Stakeholders managed their tasks, responsibilities, and follow-ups using their own methods such as personal notes, spreadsheets, or project management solutions. This caused critical information that could influence the progress, cost, or quality of the projects to be not available in real-time and in-full for informed and timely decision-making.


By using Corporater, the OBOS team now has a unified view of the different portfolios of projects related to the development of properties, construction, or follow-ups in a warranty period. The portfolio contains initiatives and operative risks where different stakeholders can document and comment on the progress, issues, milestones, and risks. This data is then aggregated to different levels so that the management can initiate proper and timely actions.

Corporater Business Management Platform at OBOS

OBOS has a fully digitalized environment with an ERP for the production of information and granular data and a data warehouse for the assembly and consolidation of data from different sources. The Corporater solution which has been in use since 2018, is incorporated into the management of portfolios and risks. The solution provides aggregation of data on project portfolio initiatives up to different management levels in each region. The system further helps in the execution and management of initiatives and reports on risks, different portfolios, regions, and measures.

Using Corporater, decision-makers and project owners have a better fundament for taking necessary actions based on the stakeholders’ comments and assessment of risks. The stakeholders use the system to provide timely inputs on actions to be taken. Dependencies that have a significant effect on each other are identified, communicated, and easier to control and steer to keep portfolios on track and within budgeted cost. OBOS also has a good starting point for ESG reporting with the availability of data and required information on portfolios and related initiatives and risks.

“Now that we have the ability to see the same picture in real-time, independent of where we are, it really improves our decision making. It has been a great success.”

— Jon Nonseid, Business Controller | OBOS


The implementation of Corporater at OBOS led to:

  • Overall Efficiency

    Corporater has helped OBOS improve efficiency across a large number of projects which are now managed by a lesser number of resources than earlier. This is reflected in all processes starting from the development of properties, to the construction, and warranty phases. The project managers can now spend their time identifying critical deviations, areas of improvement, and follow-up processes.

  • Accurate And Easy Reporting

    Corporater has helped OBOS spend far less time on entering data, and creating reports – as the solution provides the output for them, reducing the risks of errors in reporting. The availability of structured data makes it relevant and a part of the internal and external audits and reporting. The Corporater system will also be helpful in ESG reporting since the measures, risks, and initiatives associated with portfolios are well documented.

  • Improved And Informed Decision-Making

    With Corporater comes the ability to see a single version of the truth in real-time, independent of their geographic locations, with aggregated roll-ups to relevant management groups. Different stakeholders can view details and set triggers for actions at the right phases of an initiative. Decisions made on initiatives at anytime can be backtracked to understand the context of decision-making such as the progress and risks during a period.

  • Operational Risk Management

    Corporater provides a granular view and control over its portfolio and related initiatives and risks. The OBOS team uses Corporater for managing operational risks including how dependencies will affect the outcome of projects and considering stakeholder inputs for course corrections and timely actions.

  • Meeting Management

    Corporater makes meetings more effective and productive with up-to-date information during periodical meetings. Both internal and external stakeholders’ comments and associated risks are made available for critical and timely outcomes from meetings.

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