Bergen kommune achieves improved performance with Corporater.

Bergen kommune achieves improved performance with Corporater

Corporater Business Management Platform enables Bergen kommune to achieve a performance alignment.

Bergen Kommune manages various initiatives, such as nursing and health care, elementary schools, administration, social services, roads, and fire and accident prevention. To provide services of the highest standard with minimum resources, Bergen Kommune needed to be efficient and effective in strategically managing its performance. The leadership team at Bergen kommune understood that transformation was more than effective resource management, and they sought a solution that would continuously enhance performance.

“Distributing our resources into the areas of highest priority was a key challenge. We had to find a methodology that quantified strategic objectives and the key performance indicators.”

BSC Group | Bergen kommune

Bergen kommune (municipality) is the second largest municipality in Norway. Bergen has approximately 270,000 citizens, and the municipality has more than 16,000 employees. The municipality is responsible for administering rules and regulations, as well as a wide variety of other tasks, related to the education, culture, and welfare of Bergen’s citizens and the development of the city.



Customer Statistics

270,000 citizens

16,000+ employees

1,350+ system users

400+ reports


In 2003, the City Council in Bergen kommune had decided to use the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as part of its governing principles. It wanted to capitalize on some of the municipality’s current best practices and define performance parameters in measurable terms. A key management challenge was consistently aligning strategic objectives and initiatives to key performance indicators (KPIs) across numerous departments. Because the municipality was matured in terms of its BSC utilities, the need for a technical solution became apparent.


The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) was at the core of transforming Bergen kommune’s strategy into action. To ensure that limited resources would be distributed to the highest-priority areas, the municipality needed a process that quantified strategic objectives and KPIs.

Corporater BMP served as a tool for not only quantifying objectives, but managing scorecards and presenting data to help execute the strategy based on priorities.

Corporater BMP in Bergen Kommune

In an organization with more than 16,000 employees providing a broad spectrum of services, scorecards formed the baseline for the municipality’s governing documents. Measuring results was an essential prerequisite for managing and developing the municipality and its services.

Corporater BMP holds about 400 scorecards for the municipality’s different service functions. Each department within Bergen kommune owns and manages its own scorecard’s content, while a separate, dedicated department manages the process of presenting scorecards on the web and advises the other departments on design and content.

At Bergen kommune, 400 scorecards, 1,350 users and 400 reports span various service areas, which include but are not limited to these major areas:

  • Health Care
  • Social Services
  • Schools and Education
  • Traffic, Travel, and Transport
  • Consumer Issues
  • Culture, Sports, and Leisure

Corporater BMP was an integral part of the challenging development and change processes. As part of its quality control process, Bergen kommune was required to gather feedback from both the public and the municipality’s employees. The Corporater Surveyor tool came in handy for conducting internal and external surveys, with many respondents each year. In addition, the native integration between Surveyor and Corporater BMP made it easy to import survey results into the BMP and graphically present the results in scorecards.

“The Corporater BMP has automated the process of prioritizing requirements and managing resources. With Surveyor and the Business Management Platform integrating to present the results in scorecards, the Corporater team hit the bull’s eye.”

BSC Group | Bergen kommune


The implementation of Corporater at Bergen kommune led to:

  • Strategy to Action

    With the help of Corporater BMP, Bergen kommune translated their strategies into action. The BMP tool broke down Bergen’s strategy by its different departments and service areas. Each service area clearly defined its strategic goals and KPIs.

  • Well-Managed Strategic Initiatives

    Using this system, Bergen kommune implemented a plethora of strategic initiatives across its departments. These initiatives are detailed in the system, allowing individuals to understand and operationalize their contributions to achieving desired outcomes and managing risk assessments.

  • Performance Alignment

    The municipality has aligned its various services and demonstrated transparency among its departments. This ensures that departmental performance is aligned toward a common goal. With regular surveys, Bergen kommune receives feedback from the public, as well as its employees, to ensure objectives are met.

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