KPIs: More than just numbers


Eric Peterson explains how to tell a story with KPIs. This webinar sheds light on key topics which managers have to deal with daily, such as performance reporting, analytics interpretation, KPI assessments & evaluations and more.


Expert Insights on Strategy Execution by David Bowerin

Thought Leadership

David Bowerin, former Head of Strategic Marketing at CITI, shares the five key questions he designed to address common areas of strategy failure.


Expert Insights on Strategy Execution by Emma Rose

Thought Leadership

Emma Rose, Head of Strategy and Planning, and Chief of Staff at HSBC UK, shares her insights on the opportunities and challenges complex organisations face when executing strategy.


What software vendors don’t want you to know!

Thought Leadership

Understanding the gap between a technology stack and a business solution is a key in achieving a successful business solution. Learn how Corporater fills the gap by enabling you to configure your business solutions according to your specific needs.


Creating Business Management Solutions without Coding!


See how easily you can create and configure solutions for Business Dashboards, Strategy Management, CPM, Employee Performance Management, Portfolio Management, BI & Analytics and more.


Quick Guided Video Demonstration – Strategy Management


The Corporater Balanced Scorecard delivers all the building blocks you need to meet the unique requirements of the Balanced Scorecard Framework. Learn how our customers are using Corporater.


Expert Insights on Strategy Execution

Thought Leadership

Dr. Rebecca Homkes, teaching faculty at the London Business School shares insights on strategy execution, particularly the simplest things leaders can do to execute organizational strategy.


Using Software for Strategy Execution

Thought Leadership

Paul Niven shares his views on why organizations should look beyond technological capabilities when selecting software and shares three simple but powerful questions software buyers should ask vendors.


Corporater Business Management Platform – What is it?


A quick tour of the world’s first Business Management Platform.


Corporater Business Management Platform – See How It Works


A brief video describing how the Business Management Platform works

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