Fortune 50 healthcare company drives continuous improvement across its global supply chain.

A Fortune 50 Healthcare Company Drives Continuous Improvement across its Global Supply Chain.

Corporater Business Management Platform helps one of the world’s largest multinational corporations in its journey of continuous improvement across the entire supply chain.

The organization is one among the world’s largest healthcare conglomerates with over 100 years of heritage and more than 100,000 employees across the globe, and is known for constantly innovating through acquisitions, divestitures, strategic moves, and organic growth. In addition, they continue to restructure internal operations to improve effectiveness. By nature, a metrics-driven organization — their leadership is always looking at and discussing KPIs – measurement is very much ingrained in how they do business. The company’s global supply chain functions across the entirety of the global organization and is organized to align to business units.

This Fortune 50 company is one of the largest organizations operating in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods space, with a large workforce and multiple areas of operations worldwide.



Solutions Used

Performance Management


Leadership wanted to see “how it was,” “how it is now,” and “what was the impact of the change.” They wanted to know “how did an acquisition affect our target/goals? For better or worse?” To compound the problem, business units across verticals were structured and operated very differently from each other. They support different markets, some organized by franchises then regions, some structured by regions, some by products. The firm could not structure the data with the consistency required for a BI solution to help answer the right performance questions.

To deal with the complexities of answering performance questions, they had to create custom frameworks and analysis graphics using BI systems and with a lot of asterisks to explain *this includes x but not y*. There was simply not a single view/framework that worked for all business units. So they used customized reports to bring relevant data together and report it out in a way that makes sense for a decision-maker. Furthermore, they needed to dynamically make changes but be able to keep history.


Corporater has helped the customer to deploy their well-defined strategies for Performance Management and supports the internal Center of Excellence with a technology platform for collecting, aggregating, analyzing, and reporting on KPIs.

Corporater gives their supply chain leadership the visibility to see performance across the entire organization and provides flexibility to visualize data that helps leaders to analyze problems and make the right business decisions — all within the business context. Drill down and aggregate any way required — it’s a systematic approach and enables unlimited ability to easily generate exception reports. The solution also allows comparisons critical for understanding performance.

Corporater at the Healthcare Giant

As recently as 2014, some business units still used Excel to feed PowerPoint slides in order to review performance, and this resulted in a siloed view of performance within each business unit. By implementing a common software platform to collect and report data, it opened the visibility for leadership to see and compare performance across business units. As adoption kept increasing, they had to evolve the technology they used in order to capture more and more granular data.

Previously measurement was inconsistent and decentralized. Each business area across verticals had legacy processes and reported performance in their silo and then the performance made its way to supply chain leadership. And each new acquisition also meant they acquired yet another method for measurement.

The organization implemented Corporater’s Business Management Platform which allowed them to manage all the exceptions and complexities to enable their leadership to understand and manage performance, without using workarounds, asterisks, or manipulating/overriding BI systems. Corporater’s solution helped configure all the complexities across the global supply chain and go live within six months, without any coding or customization. It enabled them to have start and end dates for organizations and for KPIs. They can now roll back and forth in time and see things how they were and how they are now–and can also preserve performance history without workarounds.

Additionally, even though they were data-rich they did not have the high-fidelity data needed for performance reviews. Corporater has enabled them to add action items/continuous improvement projects, risk, work flows, and other elements into the performance management platform in order to evolve from understanding performance to influencing performance results in a way that further increases visibility and accountability


The implementation of Corporater led to:

  • Single Source of Truth for Performance Data

    Corporater provides the organization an intuitive and easy way for users to enter their data into the system for aggregation and reporting. Instead of being forced to follow a data structure, such as an organizational chart, with little ability to slice and dice data outside of the rigid data structure, they have more flexibility to look at data.

    Corporater provides them a business-friendly platform where they can implement changes without involving IT – allowing them to configure instead of coding, reduce cycle time when a change occurs and be agile in adapting to organizational changes. Integration to multiple source systems was also important and critical for the company.

  • Systematic Approach for Business Performance Analytics

    Now, with the flexible and easy reporting of exceptions, with Corporater, one of the world’s most valuable organization has a systematic approach for looking at and analyzing performance.

  • More Efficient Operations

    Corporater has helped the company evolve from silos using Excel to a state-of-the-art Business Management Platform to ensure their ability to nimbly adapt to the constant innovation and change while providing leaders with consistent information to make decisions.

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