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Storytelling with KPIs

From the beginning of time, humans have told stories. Why? Because they are easily relatable. Stories help us to easily understand complex situations in ways that are engaging. How good is your business at communicating its story? And how are you communicating your performance management story?

Today, more than ever, organizations use KPIs and dashboards to visualize what is happening— at a point in time. They don’t tell a story. A story has a storyline. Something happens in a good story. A story is interesting and captures the viewer’s attention. In business, a number or a traffic light cannot tell a story.

A good story would communicate what is happening now, what has happened in the past, why it is happening, what is being done to improve it, what should be done, who is responsible, why it is important, what is impacted by it, and so on. This involves much more than displaying data and status indicators.

Download this thought paper and learn about:

  • The necessary elements that are needed for a KPI story
  • Delivering business impact by going beyond the reporting of results
  • The technology enablers for powerful storytelling using KPIs
  • Business dashboards

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Storytelling with KPIs

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