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Business Dashboards

The C-suite requires dashboards that clearly visualize what is happening with the business — at a glance. Business needs to understand overall performance, if it is on-track with its plans, and what areas need improvement. However, there are several problems with delivering this type of information using traditional technology, such as dashboards.

Most traditional dashboards provide a snapshot of a single moment in time. These data-driven dashboards are often designed to provide insight through analytics. While they can be excellent tools at visualizing data for this purpose, they are not designed to deliver impact, or business outcomes.

Impact-driven dashboards

Corporater offers a new and innovative type of dashboard called a business dashboard. These dashboards rely on four key components for delivering business outcomes or impacts.

This white paper will help you to:

  • Know the pain points in traditional dashboards
  • Understand the difference between analytical dashboards and business dashboards
  • Build better business solutions
  • Deliver business impact with Corporater

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Business Dashboards


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