Advantages of Business Integrated GRC System in Addressing New SEC Rules on Cybersecurity Disclosure

The new SEC rules regarding Regulation S-K Item 106 reflect a progressive step towards cybersecurity transparency, but they also raise important questions about the potential burden on publicly traded companies. Striking the right balance between transparency and operational feasibility is crucial for ensuring that the regulations effectively serve both investors and companies in an era where cybersecurity is a paramount concern. As these rules take effect, ongoing dialogue and adaptation will be necessary to ensure that the benefits of transparency are maximized without overwhelming businesses with compliance challenges.

An integrated GRC system is a reliable partner for robust cybersecurity disclosure and helps find a balance between the goal of robust cybersecurity disclosure and the potential burden on companies, especially smaller reporting ones.

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View this infographic to learn more about the advantages of business integrated GRC system in addressing new SEC rules on cybersecurity disclosure.

Addressing New SEC Rules on Cybersecurity Disclosure
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