GRC Red Flag Series – Aligning Risk & Performance Management

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The sixth episode of the GRC Red Flag Series with Michael Rasmussen titled “Aligning Risk & Performance Management,” was held in partnership with Corporater on the 28th of October, 2021.

Watch the replay to gain insights into the following:

  • How risk management is about governance down from the board level, engagement of the front office, operational management, setting and managing processes, establishing accountability, and using the right technology in a way it can enable all of this.
  • How important it is to engage all the three lines, especially the front line belonging to the operational level, the second line of risk managers, and the third line of assurance functions with risk management.
  • The real potential of having a central place to manage performance, risk, strategy, and all business domains, the importance of breaking silos, having a common way of describing risks, and contextualizing risks.
  • How successful organizations are making risks a part of daily life, with ways to communicate and discuss them in a common arena.
  • How risk-intelligent business planning is possible with good communication, and by keeping the risk management function close to the Business.

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