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Strategy Management

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Drive results through strategy execution

To achieve a company-wide alignment, having a centralized place for strategic planning and execution is critical. Corporater Balanced Scorecard software and Strategic Management software enable organizations to establish a complete strategy management system: effectively structure, connect, and manage their strategic initiatives, achieve company-wide strategic alignment, and drive business outcomes.

Visualize and boost performance

Create custom dashboards, scorecards, and strategy maps. Map out your goals and link them with KPIs needed to accomplish these goals.

Define and execute your strategy

Implement performance methodologies and strategic frameworks such as Balanced Scorecard (BSC) or Objectives and Key Results (OKR).

Achieve a company -wide alignment

Provide your teams with a single source of truth. Promote accountability, improve collaboration, and increase productivity.

Generate powerful strategy reports

Generate comprehensive performance and strategy execution reports in a variety of popular formats, including Word, Excel, and PDF.

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Strategy Management

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Ensure strategic alignment. Execute strategy.

Corporater takes organizations beyond collecting data. As you execute on your strategy, Corporater solutions help you tell the complete story of your journey and where you’re headed. With Corporater powerful dashboards you may easily visualize, benchmark, and analyze critical management information in business context and make educated decisions for your next course of action.

Strategy execution on a platform

Strategy execution requires more than strategy maps and balanced scorecards. Leading organizations need a comprehensive platform that supports long and short term planning cycles- both strategic and financial. They require a solution that supports their entire set of management processes to continually review and evaluate performance, and to track and assess the effectiveness of strategic initiatives. Corporater provides a complete platform that links strategy, planning, operations, and risk on a single platform.

Corporater organizes management information in the context of your strategic goals and objectives. It enables action and accountability to ensure that you achieve your strategic outcomes. Corporater helps organizations of all types and sizes to be more effective by aligning business units and processes, translating strategy into action and communicating the strategy across the organization and drive performance.

Strategy Management & BSC

Strategic Corporate Governance

Corporater makes it easy for organizations to establish a complete strategy management system that allows them to use their strategic insights to better execute critical business plans and programs. With Corporater, you can assign accountability to your strategic objectives, as well as to map responsibility for setting your plans into action. Once your plans are underway, you can easily monitor their progress through activity dashboards, automated notifications, and periodic reports.

Strategy Management & BSC

Achieve a company-wide strategic alignment

Achieve a company-wide strategic alignment by keeping everyone in your organization connected to your corporate strategy. Corporater software enables senior management to outline targets, goals, and objectives in the system, create strategic plans for how to meet these goals, and display corresponding corporate KPIs on shared dashboards where employees can clearly see how their actions contribute to the organization’s overall strategy.

Strategy Management & BSC

Execute your strategy using a framework of your choice

Implement strategic frameworks such as Balanced Scorecard (BSC) or Objectives and Key Results (OKR). Monitor how your business is progressing toward company goals and take action on underperforming metrics. Gain insights into organizational strengths and weaknesses to make better-informed plans and decisions.

Strategy Management & BSC

Integrate strategy management with GRC

Corporater enables you to digitize and automate your strategy management processes, and, as your needs evolve, expand your solution to the areas of GRC within the same system. Achieve a holistic management of your business – govern, manage, and assure your performance, risk, and compliance with a single digital tool – and function as a connected enterprise.

Trusted by top organizations

Corporater solutions are used by top organization in various industries and functions, including state and local government, energy, education, banking and finance, oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, healthcare, communications, technology, logistics, food and agriculture, media, and non-profit.

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