Strategy execution on a platform

Strategy execution requires more than strategy maps and balanced scorecards.  Leading organizations need a comprehensive platform that supports long and short term planning cycles- both strategic and financial.  They require a solution that supports their entire set of management processes, to continually review and evaluate performance, and to track and assess the effectiveness of strategic initiatives.  Corporater provides a complete platform that links strategy, planning, operations, and risk on a single platform.

Build your own Strategy Management solution

Build a solution to meet all of your strategy management needs. Corporater provides 250 ready-made business objects that are configurable to reflect the way you manage your business.

  • Balanced scorecards
  • Strategy maps
  • Objectives and KPIs
  • Strategic initiatives and projects
  • Management reports
  • Data drill-down
  • Assessments and qualitative evaluation
  • Benchmarking

Create your own strategy solutions without coding!


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Strategic analysis - Model your strategic framework

Manage any strategic framework out-of-the box with Corporater.

  • VMOT
  • SWOT
  • Boston Matrix
  • Porters 5 Forces
  • SOAR

Strategy based planning and analytics

Strategies are developed based on existing data, such as your position in the market.
Use Corporater analytics to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as the basis for developing your strategy. Most BI tools focus on the data, but Corporater adds a business context. This helps users understand the context of the analysis, as well as helps them place data-driven insights into execution.

Balanced Scorecard

Corporater has worked closely with the founders of the Balanced Scorecard framework since our inception.
We have all the core elements related to the Balanced Scorecard – such as strategy maps, perspectives, objectives, KPIs and actions. We provide everything out-of-the box.
Corporater provides everything on a single platform, including the strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

Storytelling with strategy maps

A picture tells a thousand words. Visual communication brings clarity and purpose to your strategy. Plan your strategic destination using our maps.
Our map designer is easy to use, and it lets you fully control the map design and layout, including your company branding. Not only does it communicate strategy, but it can communicate the status and progress of your journey toward strategy execution.
Plan your strategic destination using maps.

Strategic initiatives

Initiatives are essential for strategy execution- they provide a blueprint for what gets done.
In Corporater, strategic initiatives can be viewed as projects with tasks, sub tasks, progress, start and end dates, and responsibilities. Rather than treating them in isolation, Corporater links your initiatives to your strategy.
Corporater provides much more than a performance measuring tool. We include the tools to help you reach your goals and outcomes.

Individual accountability

Accountability is vital for every business. Strategies are often not implemented due to the lack of cascading to teams and individuals.
Corporater provides a quick overview over the content and activities you are responsible for. Your KPIs, initiatives, risks, and other content can easily be viewed on one page.
We can notify you when there are vital changes in the data or if performance thresholds are exceeded. You can also be notified when completion dates approach.

Corporater is a global software company that empowers medium and large organizations to evaluate, manage, and continually improve business performance by providing a business management platform that adapts to client’s unique business model, out of the box. We use our gains to make a social impact.

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