Hello There – What’s Your Story?

Ever go to a dating site? What would happen if, instead of words and pictures, participants were described in “metrics” only?

  • Height: 5’ 10”
  • BMI: 23.4
  • Hair Color: R186 G191 B196
  • Gender: XY
  • Hometown: 32.7767° N, 96.7970° W
That’s not the way most humans process information! We like words and visuals and to have information placed within context – to tell us a story.
Business also have stories and these stories are typically outlined by a business model or a business framework. There are numerous business frameworks for every functional domain and if you are like most, you probably use several different frameworks and have likely customized them as well. If you are curious about business frameworks, we’ve included some on this page.
To bring a business story to life, it’s dashboards and visual analytics should go beyond just reporting metrics and numbers. It should tell the full story by providing context and qualitative information.
Corporater provides rich support for both standard and unique business frameworks and can bring your dashboard to life by putting it into your unique “business context” and allow you to see the full story.

In the screenshot below, you can see the business context on the top line:

(1) where Margaret Peterson is using her dashboard to explore the Financial domain during the period August 2016 and wants to understand how the Headquarters organization is performing overall on an objective to “grow revenue” which has a KPI called “revenue.”

(2) Additionally, she can see all the initiatives that are planned to increase Revenue

(3) and how the initiatives are progressing.

(4) As the responsible manager, Margaret has also given her qualitative assessment of the situation
This is just one example of a Business Dashboard that tells a story.

kpi dashboards
Do you use old-school Data Dashboards? Or do you use Business Dashboards that combine metrics, analytics, qualitative information, projects/initiatives, risk identification and mitigation, and other information to tell your business’ unique story? We invite you to explore more examples of how a business management platform can enable you to more fully understand and manage performance.  

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