Proactively Identify and Manage Enterprise Risks

Fully integrated and flexible software solution for organizations to assess risks and monitor the effectiveness of risk reduction activities across the enterprise.
Risk Management Software

Centrally manage any type of risk: financial, operational, safety, environment, technology, strategic, compliance, digital, third-party, and other.


Corporater Risk Management software offers an integrated and holistic approach to digital and data-driven risk management to help your organization achieve a more realistic risk profile and better data for risk-based decision making and problem-solving.


Track all your risks in real-time, share corrective actions across the organization, conduct risk assessments, easily generate risk reports, and adapt to changing business needs with custom models, analysis, and reports.


Standardize and automate your risk management processes (i.e., risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, risk treatment, risk monitoring, and risk reporting), which leads to greater efficiency and productivity for your organization.


As a highly flexible solution, it can be used with a variety of frameworks, such as COSO, COBIT, NIST, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, HITRUST, or ISO risk frameworks, to name a few. Additionally, these frameworks can be integrated to establish a common control framework enabling you to test one control that satisfies many standards and regulations.


Corporater helps monitor residual risk levels against risk tolerance levels to govern your overall risk management program assurance. Enable proactive monitoring and management of risks that could negatively impact enterprise performance objectives.

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Key Benefits

Correlate Enterprise Risk

Move to a collaborative, integrated environment that enables a unified risk register and bridges the communication gap.

Improve Decision Making

Make faster and better decisions based on up-to-date, transparent, traceable, and systematic information visualizations.

Enhance Internal Culture

Include all aspects of risks that may threaten your strategic objectives, including facets of business integrity.

Key Features


Create a role-based risk dashboards to have a complete overview of risks, their potential impact, options for risk mitigation, and more.


Assess, evaluate, respond, treat, and report your risks. Corporater supports quantitative and qualitative risk assessments.


Keep your organization prepared for the unexpected with Corporater risk planning and early risk identification.


Build and maintain a centralized risk register (risk inventory) to have a complete and current overview of risks across your organization.


Establish and automate incident management processes to minimize adverse impacts on your organization. Monitor, report, and resolve incidents.


Generate custom risk reports and submit them through review/approval process. Include visual elements such as graphs and risk heat maps.