Part I | Dashboard vs Business Dashboard – What is the difference?

I am going to start a series that focuses on a new term that Corporater uses: Business Dashboard. What is the difference between a dashboard that most of us know – and the Corporater Business Dashboard? Well – here is the first in a series of five articles.

Over the last 20 years I have seen many nice dashboards. Many of them shows nice visualizations with graphs, pivot tables and info-graphics. But taking a closer look at them, they are very similar in the way they are built up and they lack some of the most vital parts you would expect from a dashboard.

What characterizes a dashboard?

Quantitative based

Most dashboards are showing numbers only. It is handling quantitative information and not qualitative information. A business challenge has a quantitative and a qualitative side – and a quantitative data dashboard fails to give you that holistic picture.

What about qualitative aspects such as:

  • Surveys or polls
  • Assessments and evaluations
  • Check boxes to mark things final initiatives and tasks
  • Risk assessments
  • Classifications – re-classifications

Corporater focuses on both the quantitative aspect as well as the qualitative aspect of the business. We brand our dashboards as Business Dashboards since we add this critical dimension to dashboards.

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