Social Impact

A part of Corporater’s mission statement is to use our gain to make a social impact. We are making a social impact today through our social impact initiatives. We would like to do more, and that is one of the major reasons why we are driving the profits and valuation of the company. By 2020 we will be a self-funded unicorn and hope to effect a real social impact on a global scale.

While we are working towards our goals, we are bringing life, light and hope to a few through our limited CSR program.

Social Impact Initiatives by Corporater

Seb’s Projects India

At Corporater, the distribution of our gains is a part of our mission. With an intrinsic desire to promote societal well-being, the employees at Corporater are imbibed with a strong sense of social responsibility that delivers lasting benefits to people, communities, and markets.

Seb’s projects India was chosen as the key initiative of 2017 where our gains are used to provide quality education, healthcare and livelihood to the underprivileged who would otherwise continue to be in the peripheries of the social fabric.

We will continue to create, grow and sustain opportunities for the needy and underprivileged.

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Elderly home

For many older people, life can be a struggle.  These struggles can be quite severe when combined with poverty.  Corporater provides sponsorship of a retirement home in Nepal.


Every child needs care and a loving home.  Unfortunately there are circumstances where orphanages are needed, and Corporater contributes to make the world a better place.

Cataract and leprosy care

Cataract and leprosy treatment is not readily available or accessible in some parts of the world.  Corporater helps make treatment available to those in need.
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