Strategic Planning Solution

Take your planning processes to a higher level and ensure that the plans stay on track with Corporater Business Management Platform’s ability to continuously create and measure progress in alignment to the business goals. The strategic planning software helps you streamline your planning and consolidation activities and shortens your operational cycles. Know at a glance what activities are operating within budget and what are forecasted to meet targets.

Keep complete control of your long term scenario planning and tracking and transform your planning process into strategic resource allocation. Capture the processes and supporting information related to objective and target setting, initiative planning, resource allocation, forecasting, and the continual re-evaluation.


Integrated planning process

The strategic planning solution enhances the planning efficiency by monitoring the flow of information across the organization thus helping managers make critical decisions that impact the business performance.

Agile performance management

Combine strategic planning with the ability to easily create, measure, and adjust key performance metrics as needed.

Scenario planning and evaluation

Mitigate risks by modeling your strategic plans, taking several parameters including scalability into account to evaluate them and make adjustments based on outcome.

Incorporation of business assumptions

Take into account the business assumptions of stakeholders across the enterprise and incorporate them into your strategic planning cycle.

Enterprise visibility

Empower the key stakeholders and decision makers with complete visibility across the organization and ensure that the strategic planning model aligns with the enterprise plans and forecasts.

Dynamic Reporting

Create intelligent reports that can read the data and compare it to rules and conditions to present summaries of what you need to know. Create an alert or exception report to identify and report underperforming metrics across your organization.

Are you Evaluating the solution?

At Corporater, we understand that every customer is unique and we support them right through the solution evaluation process. You can either choose to share information about your requirements or schedule a meeting with our domain experts. Just let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

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