The Corporater Business Management Platform enables managers to evaluate the costs and benefits of their projects and activities. Are they delivering their intended business outcomes? Are the assigned the right resources and prioritization? The Corporater business apps are easy to use, and can integrate with third party project management solutions, or be created on the fly to provide an overview of all activities related to an objective, outcome, goal, or functions. Connect projects with plans, objectives, goals, risks, and financial resources to make better management decisions.

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With Corporater, you can model any framework to deliver a business-driven management solution. The possibilities are endless. Discover how businesses like yours, use Corporater to orchestrate, plan, and manage enterprise performance.

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Project dashboards

How do you provide greater visibility into your project portfolio?

Corporater helps you strategically manage your projects by giving you an overview of your portfolio.  These can be easily mapped by how they impact your business-  by project owners, business units, or your business objectives.

With Corporater, you can start from the beginning, and assess, prioritize and approve key projects.

Better project planning

Do your plans follow a roadmap?

Corporater helps you score, prioritize, and schedule your projects.  By linking them to the rest of your management framework, you understand their resources, risks, and timelines.

You can plan your projects directly in the Business Management Platform, or integrate with third-party project management tools to operationally plan and manage your projects.’

Use Corporater to create a comprehensive understanding of the overall purpose of key projects, their desired outcomes, their required resources, and how they impact your business.

Ensuring project execution

How are your projects performing?  Are you meeting your timelines?  Your budgets?

Maintain control over project cost, risk, and resources using Corporater.  Corporater provides a full view over the performance of your projects, and helps you reprioritize or adjust your plans on the fly.

Our workflow helps you automate management of your projects by providing early alerts to highlight problem areas.

Drive project efficiency using the Corporater Business Management Platform.

Connect projects to the business

Link projects and activities to your business framework and the intended outcomes, to close the performance loop, and gain insights and understand of how well projects meet their objectives. Support better prioritization and use of resources. On the Corporater platform, your projects have a clear purpose, and their intended benefits, costs, and risks can all provide a better understanding for reviewing and analyzing their effectiveness.

Complete overview of projects

The Corporater Business Management Platform enables organizations to manage all projects and activities centrally. Managers know at a glance whether projects are proceeding according to plan and operating within budgets. Reprioritize and adjust resources on the fly to optimize efficiency and outcomes.

Business in control

The Corporater Business Management Platform offers the easy creation of project and activity apps. These apps can be easily linked to other Corporater apps to visualize what outcomes the projects are expected to deliver, and how effectively they are performing.

Build your own solution

Build a solution to meet all of your project and portfolio management needs. Corporater provides 250 ready-made business objects that are configurable to reflect the way you manage your business.

  • Projects classifications
  • Activities
  • Checklists
  • Status and progress
  • Gantt charts
  • Project and activity dashboards
  • Work groups
  • Accountability dashboards


The Corporater Business Management Platform makes it possible for both large and small organizations to link strategy, KPIs, decisions and actions. The platform covers a wide range of needs, all from strategy execution, operations management, risk management or quality control. Sopra Steria is pleased to be an implementation partner and be working closely with Corporater.

Claus Klein-Ipsen

CEO, Sopra Steria Denmark

“Corporater BMP has been extremely user-friendly and has helped us achieve alignment and visibility across the organization. We now have a clear line of sight between KPIs and action plans with detailed drill-downs that have enabled effective reviews and decision making”.

Maria Mohammad Al Rais

Director Strategy and Planning Division, DED

“Conducting the survey and taking corrective action was a manual and time-consuming process, and we needed a tool that automated the entire process, yet abiding the rules on anonymity and data safety.”

Inger Helen Berge

IT consultant at Helse Vest

“We were in need of a comprehensive solution that would report both detailed and overall performance, in terms of operational and finance KPIs, while at the same time allowing for analysis and commenting, ensuring a continued improvement in results”

Peter Arne Hansen

Head of performance management, Seadrill Management Ltd.

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