Achieving business outcomes requires more than just planning – it requires an execution framework. The Corporater Business Management Platform redefines corporate performance management. Corporater enables world-leading organizations to achieve business results by linking corporate planning with performance analysis and evaluation. Connect your budgeting and planning process with objectives, metrics, goals, risks, financial resources, projects, and activities to make better management decisions, and set those decisions into action.

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Are you linking finance to strategy?

Planning is often a one-way process of budgeting resources and monitoring their use over time. The challenge is in linking the resources to the outcomes they produce (or don’t).

The Corporater Business Management Platform closes this loop, to help companies to better understand if projects are meeting their objectives and delivering intended benefits. This helps businesses use their resources more effectively. Are you getting the most out of your resources?

Integrate planning

The Corporater Business Management Platform takes CPM beyond the financial, by linking planning and budgeting to strategy. This enables organizations the flexibility to create and cascade plans that fit their management needs.

With Corporater, you are not limited by the financial structure of the company. You can connect your key projects to their financial data, and add your workflow for approving and initiating your projects.

Wholesome Outlook to Performance

Corporater configurability allows for the configuration of system landing pages to give a quick view of overall organizational performance health with the ability to quickly cascade down into the performance metrics of specific areas within the organization.

Organizational Performance Outlook in a Single View

Corporater is redefining how business applications are built and used. In a single glance seamlessly put the business in context across the organization, across regions, with key initiatives, risks, and focus areas are at your fingertips. Corporater allows the business story to be told, heard, and acted upon to drive business impact.

Beyond the financial realm

Corporater offers a revolutionary approach to corporate performance management software by extending it beyond the financial domain. More than a planning and budgeting solution, Corporater adds analytics, and an execution framework to ensure customers have all the tools needed to reach their goals and objectives. By linking the planning process to business outcomes, customers are better able to prioritize and reallocate resources.

Manage your entire organization effectively

Reporting and management reviews become a streamlined process, with all of the information available in one place, contextualized with the business. Reduce the inefficiency of managing your organization from fragmented point solutions by integrating them into one management and reporting platform.

Business in control

Corporater is redefining the workplace by enabling customers to build their own business apps. Our apps are easy to build and deploy, ensuring that you can adapt to changing business conditions and planning cycles.

Build your own solution

Build a solution to meet all of your corporate performance management needs. Corporater provides
250 ready-made business objects that are configurable to reflect the way you manage your business.

  • Corporate planning
  • Performance reporting
  • Integrated financial planning
  • Strategy management
  • Profitability management


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