Build Business Dashboards

Give your dashboards business context

Data dashboards are excellent for data discovery and analysis of structured data, but they are poorly equipped for managing organizational performance. Corporater takes it to the next level by providing business dashboards that contextualize data within your business framework, and provide all the extras needed to help you reach your business outcomes.

Visualize everyone’s contribution
to the overall plan– at every level

Create actionable dashboards
using tasks and initiatives

Rich library of widgets

Unlimited metric hierarchies

Complex business rule modeling

Centralized metrics manager

Corporater’s business dashboard connects the entire business, from the data, to the analytics, to the management processes, and the overall business framework, to tell a comprehensive story, in its relevant context.

Our Customers

270,000 Citizens

16,000+ Employees

400 Scorecards

1,350 System Users

Corporater Business Dashboard Software

Beyond data dashboards

To tell the whole business story, a dashboard should go beyond numbers. This is where Corporater comes in. Corporater models your business framework to place your dashboard into its business context.

Users clearly understand the meaning of the data and the purpose of their analysis. Best of all, we provide a rich library of widgets you don’t normally find in dashboards so you can share insights, take action, and achieve business outcomes.

KPIs with detailed analysis

Corporater provides the data details behind each KPI or dashboard.

Each KPI page can display the trend, status, assessments, and initiatives. You can also drill into to the data of the KPI to view the transaction or invoice.

We provide insight at your fingertips.

Action driven Business Dashboards

Measuring something doesn’t change it. Corporater provides everything you need to act on your insights. The first step is to plan for change. You can easily add tasks and initiatives to your Business Dashboard– and track and monitor their progress.

Go beyond analyzing data, by adding planning and execution, to achieve business outcomes.

Corporater – when business outcomes matter.

Developing the plan

In many other systems, plans are defined at the top, then cascaded to divisional levels. Rarely are they applied to the individual level.

Corporater can provide full alignment of plans at every level of your organization:

  • Corporate
  • Divisional
  • Individual

Visualize everyone’s contribution to the overall plan– at every level, with Corporater.

Drive execution through business reviews

Make review meetings more efficient and effective with Corporater.

  • Highlight important agenda items
  • Invite participants to the meeting
  • Send agenda, prompt users to complete their work before the meeting
  • View results and drill into details if questions arise
  • Document decisions during meeting and plan corrective actions

What if business found you?

Tired of logging in to the Dashboard? To explore the latest status? See if you need to take action.

With Corporater this is history. If you can decide how you would run your business, Corporater can automate it.

With our unique workflow engine, we configure your governance principles and rules. Based on your rules, Corporater will interact with you through email and reports and ensure that business execution happens.

Corporater – business finds you.

Deliver Better Business Outcomes With Corporater

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The difference between Data Dashboards and Business Dashboards

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