Corporater BMP Achieves Veracode Verified Standard Status


Veracode Verified validates a commitment to produce secure software

Stavanger, Norway – Sept. 12, 2019 – Corporater announced its participation in Veracode Verified, a program that validates a company’s secure software development processes. Corporater Business Management PlatformTM is now Veracode Verified. With approximately 30 percent of all breaches occurring as a result of a vulnerability at the application layer, software purchasers are demanding more insight into the security of the software they are buying. Veracode Verified empowers Corporater to demonstrate its commitment to creating secure software.




As part of Veracode Verified, Corporater can now demonstrate through a seal of approval and provide an attestation letter from an industry leader that the Corporater Business Management PlatformTM has undergone security testing as part of the development practice. Additionally, participating in the program ensures that the application meets a high standard of application security, reducing the risk for the customer

“Corporater is committed to delivering secure code to help organizations reduce the risk of a major security breach. Companies that invest in secure coding processes and follow our protocol for a mature application security program are able to offer more confidence to customers who deploy their software,” said Asha May, Director of Customer Engagement Programs, Veracode.

Organizations that have their secure development practice validated and their application accepted into the Veracode Standard Tier have demonstrated that the following security requirements have been implemented into their software development practice:

  • Assesses first-party code with static analysis
  • Documents that the application does not allow Very High flaws in first-party code
  • Provides developers with remediation guidance when new flaws are introduced

“Safeguarding information and fortifying customer confidence are our top priorities. The Veracode Verified seal is a testament of our commitment to ensure the highest level of security and protection for data. All of our solutions are developed through secure coding practices on the Corporater Business Management PlatformTM to keep information guarded from data breaches and online security threats,” said Marko Sundic, CTO, Corporater.

Corporater Business Management PlatformTM is a revolutionary platform that enables businesses to link multiple management disciplines, including Governance, Performance, Risk , Compliance, Strategy, Operations, Quality, Projects, Processes, HR and Finance into a single interface that provides the right business context enabling its users to make the right decisions. With useful contextual commentary, the platform drives analysis, planning, and execution so users clearly understand the status of risks, financial impact, and other related consequences of their decisions.

With Corporater, customers can create their own business management solutions for KPIs, dashboards, strategic performance management, project portfolio management, governance, risk, compliance, and more.  Corporater offers 250 ready-made business objects, resulting in highly configurable solutions on the Veracode Verified Corporater Business Management PlatformTM.



With its combination of automation, process, and speed, Veracode becomes a seamless part of the software lifecycle, eliminating the friction that arises when security is detached from the development and deployment process. As a result, enterprises are able to fully realize the advantages of DevOps environments while ensuring secure code is synonymous with high-quality code.

Veracode serves more than 2,100 customers worldwide across a wide range of industries. The Veracode Platform has assessed more than 10 trillion lines of code and helped companies fix more than 36 million security flaws.

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