Achieve strategic alignment that drives competitive edge

Corporater Strategy Management Dashboard

Gain clear view of strategy health, identify problem areas, and achieve corporate goals and objectives

Corporater Strategy Management Software is used by top organizations worldwide to develop and communicate strategies, manage goals, objectives, and KPIs, execute plans, monitor risk status, and ensure that organizations are positioned for success in the long term. With Corporater you can communicate your strategy to everyone in your organization, from executives to front-line employees, connect strategy and performance with GRC, and foster a culture of alignment and accountability that drives success and helps you achieve your goals.

Visualize strategy hierarchy

Have a holistic view of your company’s strategy and performance – your perspectives, themes, and goals, and their relevant objectives and KPIs.

Bring business context to data

Map different strategic elements such as objectives, KPIs, and initiatives, and see how they contribute to the overall goals and achievements.

Capture qualitative assessment

Add comments and attachments for users to share notes, insights, and assessments to bring in context to the execution goals reported.

Proactively identify and manage risk

Use dynamic dashboards to gain a snapshot of all projects, budgets, risks, and critical issues. Build an aggregate risk view at any level of your organization.

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Connect your strategy, performance, and GRC to position your organization for long-term success

Corporater enables you to connect strategy and performance with GRC using a single system. Conduct strategic planning and analysis, monitor performance, take actions on underperforming metrics, manage risk, demonstrate compliance, and use your data insights to identify potential opportunities and threats that could impact your company’s performance.


Cascade strategy through your organization

Communicate your strategy across your organization – create custom strategy dashboards and strategy maps. Outline your strategic plans and initiatives, assign owners and due dates, and keep everyone in the loop of your progress with automated performance and strategy reports. Use automated workflows to conduct periodic assessments of your organization’s capabilities, uncover areas for improvement, and identify new opportunities for growth.


Leverage technology to achieve competitive edge

Use Corporater to conduct regular assessments of your organization’s capabilities and identify areas where you can improve. By leveraging Corporater Strategy Management software for strategic planning, analysis, and assessments, you can draw insights from your data and provide your executive team with data-informed guidance that your organization needs to succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive market.


Connect Strategy and Performance management with GRC

Corporater enables you to connect your Strategy and Performance metrics with your GRC program. Seamlessly manage the areas of Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance (GPRC) with a single tool. Get a quick overview on the project, organizational, strategic or compliance risks and their statuses. Keep track on inherent and residual risks values based on the accomplishment of control actions. Enable top management to register remarks or assessments, which can initiate actions aligned to strategic goals.

Trusted by top organizations

Corporater solutions are used by public and private organizations in various industries, including state and local government, banking and finance, insurance, oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, healthcare, communications, technology, education, energy, logistics, food and agriculture, media, and non-profit.

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