Business Continuity & Resilience

Business Continuity
& Resilience

business continuity planning and management solutions

Protect your organization from potential threats and enable operational resilience

Enable your organization to stay prepared for the unexpected with Corporater Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Operational Resilience solutions. Develop implementable business continuity and disaster recovery plans, keep your plans up to date, and strengthen your ability to respond.

Automate business continuity workflow

Streamline, simplify, and automate your organization’s business continuity processes, assessments, crisis-plan testing, scheduling, and notifications.

Conduct business impact analysis

Conduct business impact analysis (BIA) to identify, monitor, and treat key areas and processes of your business that are likely to be at risk.

Take action on identified risks

Proactively monitor, identify, assess, address, and report emerging risks, threats, and opportunities across your organization.

Generate powerful BCM reports

Automate evaluation of business continuity plan efficiency and create comprehensive BCM reports.

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Business Continuity & Resilience

Business Continuity
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Business Continuity & Resilience

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The importance of having an effective Business Continuity Management program

One of the key reasons to take a proactive approach to BCM is the assurance that your business processes remain operational in the event of a disruption. Corporater Business Continuity Management software enables organizations to achieve a transparent, seamless risk management that allows them to identify potential threats, analyze their on impact day-to-day operations, and continuously update, control, and deploy recovery plans.

Strengthen your ability to respond to unexpected business disruptions

Unexpected events such as natural disasters, technical outages, political events, cyber attacks, or a pandemic can significantly impact your standard business operations. With Corporater BCM and Operational Resilience solutions, you can plan for the unexpected, strengthen your ability to respond, and minimize the impact of a disruption. Corporater BCM solution enables organizations to monitor risks, automate risk assessment workflows, and develop a business continuity plans to ensure their business operations can continue, no matter the disruption.

business continuity management software
Eliminate silos and build an operationally resilient organization

Operational resilience is a necessary framework for organizations wanting to navigate an increasingly uncertain world. It recognizes that business risks faced by separate departments and business units (e.g., operations, finance, information security, and GRC) are all interconnected and need to be viewed together.

Corporater integrated solution for Operational Resilience enables organizations to achieve a holistic view of organizational risk, identify risks and their interdependency across operations, assess risk exposure, and trigger action plans to mitigate the risk’s potential impact on the organization’s staff, processes, or systems.

Business Continuity & Resilience

Trusted by top organizations

Corporater solutions are used by top organization is various industries and functions, including state and local government, energy, education, banking and finance, oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, healthcare, communications, technology, logistics, food and agriculture, media, and non-profit.

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