COVID-19 Relief Fund for Andaman Islands

COVID-19 Relief Fund for Andaman Islands

Every year Corporater grants a Code of Conduct – Social Impact Award to an employee who goes above and beyond to improve the quality of life of others, enable those who can’t help themselves, and unselfishly give their time and intellect to make a social impact. The award comes with a financial grant to be used to further support the employee’s social impact efforts.

This year, instead of issuing this prize to an individual, Corporater decided to set up a COVID-19 Relief Fund on behalf of Corporater to help families in the Andaman Islands.


Helping Those Hit Hardest by Covid-19

The Andaman Islands is a group of small islands in the Bay of Bengal, between India and Myanmar, and it’s one of those areas that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic the most. Numerous people living in this area were already suffering from poverty and hunger, and the pandemic only made their situation worse. There is a notable lack of infrastructure, limited access to healthcare, and not much food available – some people go up to 3 days without eating – drinking only water.

My good friend, Ernest Rajiv Tadamala, sent me the following message:

“The families living here have been out of work since lockdown in March, and hence they have no money to sustain themselves and their loved ones. There are many skilled laborers who lost their job, as there is no work available. Several people took their own life due to depression, and others are under intense stress, which has led to a rise in domestic violence. Hence, the children are suffering profoundly. There is around 2,470 families in an immediate need for resources. All these families are around Port Blair (capital of Andaman).”

With the islands on a full lock down, the need for resources is urgent.


Corporater COVID-19 Relief Fund

To help the families of Andaman Islands, Corporater set up a COVID-19 Relief Fund and made a substantial contribution to the relief efforts. The donated funds are to be used to purchase resources needed to ensure that these families can survive the pandemic, send their children back to school, and live a good, healthy life long after this pandemic is over.

Story Update: October 8, 2020

First Delivery Done

Acting fast in a moment of crisis is vital. As of today, October 8, 2020, our partner in India, Ernest Rajiv Tadamala, has already secured the first aid packages to the Andaman Islands. A lot of people made that possible by volunteering to help package and distribute the food.​

The aid provided by Corporater COVID-19 Relief Fund (including donations from our Corporater employees) is reaching the needed persons. More aid will be distributed later this year to provide help over a period of time.

Ernest shared the following video to show the impact the ​aid has provided.

Story Update: August 20, 2021, by Geir Berge

Hope for Andaman Islands

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic the people of Andaman Islands have suffered a tremendous hardship. Many of them lost their jobs and are left with no means to support themselves and their loved ones. The situation is critical especially for those who are homeless, disabled, or living with mental illness. Tor Inge’s dear friend Ernest Tadamala, who is our feet on the ground, continues to work tirelessly to ensure equitable distribution of food to the families in need.

Ernest shared the following update with us:

“The relief kit distribution to the covid affected families has been a journey which redefined our perspective of life. Every phase has its uniqueness and facilitated to reach many families left in despair due to the implications of the pandemic. As the fight against covid continues globally, there are people who have lost capacity to meet their daily needs, especially food due to continuous lockdowns which resulted in loss of work and jobs.

Though the need is humungous, we were able to reach to some families with the relief kits helping them to survive the wrath of covid for a while. We would like to express my deepest appreciation to Corporater and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the kindness and generosity extended to these families.

We were able to help 270 families in the 6th phase. As discussed, the team went to the beneficiaries’ homes in rough weather – I am just proud of their passion to serve and am humbled by their wonderful service. The team were so thankful for the opportunity to serve the needy.”

Corporater COVID-19 relief efforts – supplying food to families in Andaman Islands, India.


Corporater would like to express a sincere gratitude to Ernest and his team of volunteers in Andaman Islands, and to all Corporater employees who made a donation to the Corporater Covid-19 Relief Fund. Your contribution is making a difference.


Corporater Social Impact Mission

It is a part of Corporater’s ongoing mission to make a social impact on the lives of those in need. We work with various non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life for people living in absolute poverty, and to promote basic social rights such as an access to clean water, education, and healthcare. Through our various social impact efforts, we are committed to bring light, where life seems lost, bright light where there is darkness, and bring increase where things seem to decrease. Together we can make a difference.

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