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Keynote | GPRC Summit 2024: Connecting Performance and GRC for Strategic Excellence

Tor Inge Vasshus, the Founder and CEO of Corporater presented his keynote on ‘Connecting Performance and GRC for Strategic Excellence’ at the second annual G[P]RC Summit 2024.

He highlighted the multifaceted challenges faced by organizations today, ranging from increasing regulations and cybersecurity threats to the looming risk of reputational damage. He also focused on the intricate landscape of modern businesses and shared his insights for successful navigation through these challenges.

The following are the highlights from this keynote presentation –

00:29 Introduction
00:38 The Urban Legend – Coast of Newfoundland, Canada, 1995
02:52 Major corporate scandals and crisis
05:06 Five key tools to navigate business challenges
05:14 Importance of building competence
06:12 Setting Govern-Manage-Assure, Lines of responsibility
07:06 The significance of strategy
08:31 The Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)
09:27 The GPRC overview
09:53 What is the GPRC framework?
10:40 The role of technology
12:17 What do these five tools look like in reality?
15:17 Where does AI fit into all this?
16:00 The aim of AI
17:24 Integrating AI into business operations
18:09 Understanding AI – Types of Artificial Intelligence
19:23 Integrating AI with business management solutions
21:00 Summary


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