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Part I: The Keynote Presentation by Michael Rasmussen at the G[P]RC Summit 2023

Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst & Pundit, sharing his opening keynote on The State of GRC in 2023 at the G[P]RC Summit 2023 in Dubai.

In this keynote, he talks about understanding the risks and converting them into opportunities for better performance. He connects this to what is GRC and the strategic trends in GRC management.

The following are the highlights from this keynote presentation-

01:30 Which future are we headed towards?
02:41 Navigating chaos
06:15 How to manage GRC or G[P]RC?
07:34 Confusing conundrum of GRC processes and information
10:09 The organization has to be able to see individual risk and interconnected risk
11:34 The official definition of GRC by OCEG
12:45 Governance, risk management and compliance in context
14:41 GRC collaboration on strategy, process and technology
14:58 Five strategic trends in GRC management in 2023
15:31 Agility: Navigate and leverage your environment
16:30 Resilience: Ability to recover from events and get back in the game
16:59 The agile and resilient organization
17:22 Creative risk thinking: Looking at risk structurally and creatively
19:05 Integrity: Does the organization pretend it is something else?
19:37 Accountability is different than responsibility
20:22 Engagement is measured at all levels of the organization
20:53 GRC culture: A-B-C model
21:33 Benefits of 360-degree contextual awareness of GRC
21:40 Conclusion

For more updates by Michael Rasmussen visit https://grc2020.com/

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