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Part II: The Keynote Presentation by Michael Rasmussen at the G[P]RC Summit 2023

Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst and Pundit in his second keynote presentation explains the GRC of tomorrow: Business integrated GRC at the G[P]RC Summit 2023 in Dubai.

In this keynote, he highlights the evolving focus on GRC or now known as, G[P]RC and what questions do the organizations need to ask to take on this practice.

The following are the highlights from this keynote presentation-

00:38 Evolving focus on GRC
02:20 Success requires risk taking, but risk must be managed
05:04 The questions organizations need to ask
06:23 The official definition of GRC by OCEG
06:45 GRC management: A top-down approach
09:34 Monitoring for context changes that impact GRC
10:03 Understanding the risks as it impacts organizations
11:20 360-degree GRC contextual analytics and intelligence capabilities
12:27 GRC information architecture provides 360-degree contextual intelligence
15:33 From GRC 1.0 to 6.0: A history of technology for GRC
19:46 Components of Agile GRC technology
20:08 Objectives achieved by mature GRC capabilities
20:39 Benefits of automation of GRC
21:32 GRC 20/20’s GRC maturity model
22:48 Conclusion: 5 step plan for improving your GRC strategy

For more updates by Michael Rasmussen visit https://grc2020.com/

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