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Operational Resilience Reporting

Good resilience reporting should allow and inform both forward-looking analysis and backward-looking analysis to give firms a balanced understanding of resilience capability. Particularly during the transition period to March 2025, firms must get comfortable with the idea that good resilience reporting is not a “race to green”.

This paper written in conjunction with Corporater Partner FourthLine is the outcome of our combined and extensive market analysis on the resilience reporting capability of financial services firms. We have analyzed the resilience reporting capability of 30 firms and spoken with many more. The challenges are drawn from analysis of companies as diverse as Big 5, International, and startup Banks, FTSE 250 Insurers, Investment Platforms, and Wealth Managers.

Our study reveals resilience practitioners across UK Financial Services are under pressure with the amount of work required to support regular resilience reporting. Many resilience practitioners have voiced that senior stakeholders have often misinterpreted the objective of resilience reporting. There is a strong need for the articulation of resilience objectives and expectations through a resilience strategy, and the development of a more accurate reporting system through the creation of resilience-specific metrics.

Dive deep into the key challenges firms are experiencing, learn how to derive maximum value from resilience reporting, and get an overview of the different solution domains.

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