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The Keynote Presentation by Tor Inge Vasshus, at the G[P]RC Summit 2023

Tor Inge Vasshus, Founder and CEO of Corporater, in his opening keynote at the G[P]RC Summit 2023 presented the topic ‘G[P]RC- The Future of Effective Enterprise Management for Government and Business Organizations’.

Highlighting the importance of protection against cyber threats in the current times, he introduces the concepts of GPRC (Governance, Performance, Risk and Compliance) and explains the GPRC matrix used for a holistic and effective business management. Further, a practical example of Digital Twin of an Organization is presented with the Dubai Plan 2021 as the case in point. He concludes by drawing a connection between ‘Performance’ and ‘Risk’ in an organizational context and the benefits of building a digital twin of an organization using the GPRC model.

The following are the highlights of this keynote presentation-

01:00 Introduction
03:23 What is G[P]RC?
03:45 The G[P]RC Matrix
05:39 Why is G[P]RC important?
08:00 G[P]RC done wrong
09:40 G[P]RC done right
10:38 How to get started with G[P]RC?
11:20 Digital twin of an organization
13:36 How does a digital twin look like?
14:33 Dashboard view of the Dubai Plan 2021
17:10 Digital twin of Dubai Plan 2021
18:45 The link between ‘Performance’ and ‘Risk’
21:21 Building your digital twin framework using G[P]RC


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