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The Keynote Presentation by Peter Sondergaard, at the G[P]RC Summit 2023

Peter Sondergaard, founder of The Sondergaard Group presenting his keynote on Managing Digital Transformation in Times of Risk and Uncertainty at the G[P]RC Summit 2023 in Dubai.

In this keynote, he takes us on a journey to the future and the transformations which would happen in the next 30 years, and emphasizes on our digital transformation journey.

The following are the highlights from this keynote presentation-

03:13 Six challenges of disruption
04:10 Disruption drives business trends
05:10 Architecting for Digital Pervasiveness
10:16 DI2X digital maturity model
12:56 Digital maturity needs to improve in all organizations
15:06 Six digital focus areas
16:27 Digital product platforms
18:24 Metaverse revolution
19:30 Metaverse architecture
20:04 Employee created digital transformation
22:14 Data and AI to the edge
23:23 Componentized digital twin organizations
23:33 Organization, skills and leadership
23:38 Digital organizational capabilities needed
26:46 Conclusion- Recommendations

For more updates by Peter Sondergaard visit https://www.sondergaardgroup.com/

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