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GPRC Summit 2024 Keynote | Agile & Cognitive GRC – Managing the Benefits & Risk of Artificial Intelligence

Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst and Pundit shared his insights on ‘Agile and Cognitive GRC – Managing the Benefits and Risk of AI’ at the second annual G[P]RC Summit 2024 in Riyadh and Dubai.

In this keynote, he sheds light on the history of GRC and explains the GRC market segments in depth. Along with this, he also focused on agile and cognitive GRC.

The following are the highlights from this keynote presentation –

01:17 Navigating chaos
04:26 Definition of GRC by OCEG
06:38 Risk management: Equals no surprises
10:50 The rhythm of GRC: Managing GRC in the cycles and patterns of business
12:23 Risk orchestration: Conducting risk management across the enterprise
13:40 Resilience: Ability to recover from events and get back in the game
14:20 Agility: Navigate and leverage your environment
14:43 GRC management: A top-down approach
15:32 The history of GRC
19:17 GRC market segments: Enterprise GRC platforms and architecture
21:13 GRC information architecture: 360° contextual intelligence
22:21 Components of agile GRC technology
22:56 Addressing the risk of A.I. while leveraging A.I.
24:12 Cognitive GRC: 360° contextual awareness of GRC using A.I.
24:28 Challenges (and opportunities) with A.I. use
27:13 Cognitive GRC
30:06 Responsible use of A.I.
30:41 GRC 6.0 – Business integrated GRC
31:22 Summary: Benefits of 360° contextual awareness of GRC

For more updates by Michael Rasmussen visit grc2020.com

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