GPRC Webinar – ERM: Navigating Risks, Performance Enabling Strategies to Drive Success

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The GPRC webinar “ERM: Navigating Risks, Performance Enabling Strategies to Drive Success” was held on September 20, 2023, by Corporater with Ali Dada, Chief of Audit, Risk, and Compliance at GWC.


Listen to Ali Dada as he unveils the importance of implementing a robust ERM program from both a management and audit standpoint. Learn how to gain the trust of the management by approaching risk holistically, and sharing the opportunities it presents at an organizational level.
Understand the inherent connection between ERM and performance management, and its pivotal role in establishing a vital framework for recognizing potential obstacles and opportunities that have a direct impact on an organization’s performance results.

The following are the highlights from this webinar-

00:36 Introduction to the webinar
02:30 Introduction of the speaker – Ali Dada
05:33 An example of risk management
09:28 Evolution of risk management
11:59 Enterprise risk management – Definition and components
19:22 Management – We know all the risks, so why ERM?
21:42 Internal audit – Audits are already risk based, so why ERM?
24:18 ERM at GWC – Zero to ISO 31000:2018 in 10 months
29:37 Developing and implementing a radar
32:00 Q&A – Session 1
42:58 ERM and agile internal audit
46:45 Advisory beyond ERM – Implementing the required change
54:50 Q&A – Session 2
57:00 Demo of the Corporater Enterprise Risk Management Software
1:16:40 Q&A – Session 3

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