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Corp-O-Talk, Episode 1 with Peter Sondergaard, The Sondergaard Group

Peter Sondergaard, founder of The Sondergaard Group & Tor Inge Vasshus, founder of Corporater, discuss the common patterns in organizations that implement technology successfully. The following are some highlights from this conversation –


  • 00:20 The importance of a digital mindset and improved digital capabilities across the organization.
  • 00:45 Development of data skills and digital strategic planning. Addressing critical competencies for managers and technology planning among them.
  • 06:10 Agility in user design, integrations, composability, and its linkage to consumer satisfaction.
  • 12:45 The ability to address challenges regarding rigidity in company structures, evolving competencies, and adaptation to change.
  • 18:40 Significance of digital twin in an organization and the evolution towards digital human/metaverse.
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