5 Core Capabilities of a DTO (Digital Twin of an Organization)

A digital twin of an organization (DTO) expands on the concept of a digital twin, serving as a virtual representation of a physical product, process, or entity. It mirrors the structures of the organization, interconnects different departments, and offers a comprehensive virtual overview of the business. Essentially, it functions as a digital map that encompasses the organization, leveraging technology to connect individuals, data, assets, processes, and more.

In many businesses, functional silos are prevalent, with each operating independently from others. However, a digital twin of an organization eliminates these silos, enabling efficient management of operations and fostering a unified experience across teams, departments, business units, facilities, and regions.

By creating a digital twin, strategic goals can be aligned, business performance can be driven, and risks and opportunities can be identified. Furthermore, it facilitates process improvements across various aspects of the business, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Learn about the five core capabilities of a DTO (Digital Twin of an Organization) with this infographic.

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5 Core Capabilities of a DTO
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