Event RiskNet summit 2021

RiskNET Summit 2022

Oct 20-21, 2022 | Raubling, Germany

Join Corporater at the RiskNET Summit 2022 at Raubling, Germany!

Founded in 1998, RiskNET is a leading competence center and knowledge pool for all aspects of risk management, governance, and compliance. The event will feature industry experts and thought leaders who will discuss various routes to achieving excellence in Risk Management and Compliance.


Integrated Risk Management (IRM) software for your organization

Traditional and old-fashioned “island solutions” come to an end and drive the need for integrated risk management (IRM) solutions across all business units and risk compliance functions.

With a modern software tool, such as Corporater IRM software, the complexity of GRC and management functions can be controlled, and an evaluation based on uniform data becomes possible:

  • Risk responses (mitigations) are standardized and demonstrably implemented throughout the organization
  • Acceptance by employees and departments increases through meaningful and cross-disciplinary communication and reporting
  • Risk management is perceived as support by helping to monitor risks, measures, and controls
  • Management, Executive Board, and Supervisory Board have an overview of the various GRC initiatives in cockpits
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Corporater Integrated Risk Management (IRM) software enables organizations to establish a solid integrated risk management program.

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