Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation

Innovation today

Every organization—private business, non-profit, government agency–must innovate. In a global interconnected world, economic sustainability and market growth depend on innovation. Where should organizations innovate and how? What tools and systems are available to help innovating organizations compete and grow in their markets? Innovation means more than simply adopting the latest technology.

Strategic innovation gets at the core of how an organization should manage change and adopt to changing circumstances. Today, innovation acts as a game changer for businesses, helping them to improve their speed to market while at the same time enabling organizations to deliver superior customer experience and increased revenue.

This paper describes a holistic, multidisciplinary framework that enables organizations to take a strategic approach to innovation.

This whitepaper will help you to
  • Know how you can apply incremental and disruptive innovation in your strategy
  • Understand the use of perspectives in a balanced scorecard to build a model for change management
  • Learn how to develop a strategy based balanced scorecard
  • Incorporate “Innovation” as a strategic theme
  • Execution of strategic innovation

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