Connect your management frameworks- at all levels

The Corporater Business Management Platform links management disciplines, such as risk, strategy, operations, quality, projects, processes, HR, and finance in a single interface to provide the right business context to make the right decisions.



Business Frameworks

Business applications are built upon a business framework, such as risk, strategy, quality, projects or HR. Often the company strategy binds these frameworks together.

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Three management pillars

Business applications need to support three main management pillars to achieve business outcomes:  analyze, plan, and execute.  Often applications focus on just one.  For example, BI and analytics systems focus on analyze, while budgeting tools focus on planning. The Corporater platform contains all three.


Management processes

We have identified ten main categories of common management processes– out of the box.


In Corporater a KPI is more than a number. It is a story. We enable the visualization of KPIs from a variety of angles. Different metrics can be shown within a KPI, such as the year to date, deviation, rolling forecast, actual, budget, target, benchmark, or ranking. In addition to the quantitative representation, we offer measurement and visualization of qualitative information. Corporater provides additional tools such as surveys, voting, etc.


Take control over your content before it is added to the system.  We offer the platform with a built-in approval system that can be used to review content prior to publication. You can follow and monitor the status of the items that are submitted for approval,  view what has been rejected, and request more information before final approval.


Assessment is needed in all management domains within each of the three main processes (analyze, plan, and execute). We offer built-in functionality supporting assessment, such as comments, evaluations, categorizations, prioritizations.  These assessments provide valuable information needed to share interpretations of the data.


Businesses require the collection of manual data, descriptions, opinions, votes, statuses. This is done with precision and data quality, and placed into a collection process. Corporater provides several tools such as forms, schedulers, and distributions for collecting data – both qualitative and quantitative.


Corporater provides built in analytics, such as drill down, pivoting, multi-dimensional analysis, and advanced visual data analysis. Corporater contextualizes data analytics within its business context.  Based on the insights and findings in the analytical process, you can  plan for success, and execute to achieve business outcomes.


Automation is more than extracting data from source systems. In Corporater you can automate much more, such as management processes, manual data collection processes, approval processes, reporting processes, and others.  Corporater has included a unique workflow management system that supports you in the analytic and planning processes.


Business applications must communicate more than numbers and charts. Visual elements, images, maps, text, and graphical elements are important aspects of business applications. Corporater offers a unique image map component that makes our solutions communicate with its users.


Collaboration is more than just commentary. In Corporater you can assign teams to work on specific parts of the analyze, plan, and execute chain. You can delegate tasks, activities, and projects. You can further discuss and elaborate over assignments, activity statuses, performance results, and request assistance on certain tasks.


Corporater offers a publishing framework that connects to your business framework. Categorize the information you would like to publish as web pages, organize it on tabs, create navigation paths, define page layouts, and insert images and text. You determine where and when you want items published.  Create internal zones for operational use, and external zones for communicating with the public or other stakeholders.


Corporater calculates results in real-time, ensuring you are displaying the most up-to-date data.  There is no need to pre-calculate data in the database, and no need to touch the underlying data structure.  This makes configuring calculations so easy that non-technical users can use our business calculator– it even looks like a calculator.


250 business building blocks

Configuring in Corporater is like using building blocks.  We provide the basic essentials, and you decide what you want to build. We have listened to our customers over the past 16 years and have built a solid and mature library of business building blocks that are designed to fit together to form flexible solutions on our platform. Contact us to explore how we can help you to create your own unique business management applications.

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