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Do you need software ? Can you trust a management consultant’s advice?

Most companies with a Performance Management (PM) initiative ask themselves the questions if and when they need software to support their PM initiative.

There is no simple answer, and I hear “neutral” advice from different sources. The software vendors respond, “You need software – you need a data warehouse.” The management consultants recommend waiting with software investment.
I offer this advice:
Start early with software involvement if:

  • it can help you document your PM initiative as you develop your PM model
  • you need a dynamic documentation system that allows people to use the software to specify the PM model
  • you have a big model and you need to structure and communicate with everyone involved
  • the software supports the implementation of your PM model (ease of use, it supports your processes)
Do not start early (or probably not at all) if you experience the following:

  • the software itself gets more focus than the actual PM model
  • if the software project becomes a big, multi-million dollar data warehouse project
  • if you do not have time or resources
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