How agile is your strategy?

I have been philosophizing over this question for a long time. As a manager of a software company I am thinking of our annual plans and how we are going to execute our strategy. Is it possible to update the strategy more than once a year? What about every half year, or even quarterly or every month? What really determines when to update your strategy and try something really different? Is it the calendar? Or is it some other factors?

Corporater is a software company and we will stick to that for a long time. But as time goes by we are constantly changing our priorities. It is important for us as a company to have this flexibility.

Opportunities arise and we have to take decisions if we will pursue them or not. We are constantly looking for the opportunities that will bring our company to the position of “the world’s leading EPM software provider”. Of course, you can make a plan, collect investor money and grow your company with investors’ money. But Corporater has grown from zero to become a substantial player in the EPM market organically. We intend to continue to do so. So given this position it is important that we look for the good opportunities and pursue them when they come.

Over the years we have developed new software modules, entered into new markets, OEMed our solutions – all based on opportunities that we did not foresee in our plans. We always have an open mind on what we do; we constantly look for opportunities, evaluate them and go for the good opportunities that we are able to execute with positive energy. As the founder of the company, I am well aware that “opportunities are the entrepreneur’s biggest enemy”. But you will have to find a balance and grab the opportunities as they arise, search for more opportunities that are out there, and not let your annual strategy plan hinder your growth. So, don’t go by the calendar – go by how sound opportunities present themselves.

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