Emphasizing the P in GRC

The acronym GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) is widely used, however, in companies embracing digitalization it is more and more being replaced with the acronym DRM (Digital Risk Management) and IRM (Integrated Risk Management) 

GRC is a paramount discipline in running a successful business, few and poor technologies have been around to support it properly. A company’s objective should be to govern their common capabilities to achieve business value through effective and efficient performance, risk and compliance management – aligned with strategy.

That being said, a lot of companies are embracing the power of GRC – or GPRC, because they have experienced how integrated GRC can impact their performance. The point is that GRC has an immense effect on performance. The two go hand in hand and feed each other as a true symbiosis to drive the business beyond its competition. With mature GRC comes new business opportunities.
Learn the how integrated GRC can impact performance and bridge the gap between, strategy, tactics and operational silos while providing a holistic view.
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