How to choose a Balanced Scorecard Software

I am geared up to start a new series on balanced scorecard software selection with an aim to provide some good and hopefully neutral advice on this subject. In my long stint in this business, I have seen how a lot of companies struggle with their balanced scorecard software implementation. I have investigated this phenomenon trying to answer why it so happens.

I have seen companies that have floated tenders to ensure that all the functional requirements needed for a proper BSC software implementation are met. But still many fail.

What is lacking in the functional requirement specifications that such a large proportion fails?

In this blog series, you will find a list of key questions to help you assess vendors and perform a good balanced scorecard software evaluation

Who is managing the software – business or IT?

Background to the question:
Strategy is about change. Your BSC model WILL change. It is therefore important that this aspect is built into the software, ensuring that the power of managing the software is entrusted with business users and not IT.

How to test the software vendor:
Take your most complex KPI and ask them to model it in the software. Ask them to show drill down functionality, graphs, reporting and some comment functionality. You should request them to start from the scratch and show you how they do it. This will help you to judge for yourself if you as a business person will be able to do it or not.

I will continue on the other key questions you should ask while evaluating BSC software, what I call “Questions that can save millions”, in my upcoming posts.

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