How to choose a Balanced Scorecard Software – Question #3

I am continuing with a third Balanced Scorecard software selection question that can save millions. I hope you will find it interesting. This time it is about customer references.

Who are your non-reference customers and why?

Background to the question:

When you ask for references, normally software companies showcase only their success stories. Most of them would have just begun using the software without having a long enough experience with it. Just think of it yourself – if you have committed millions of dollars,  would you say that you made a bad choice if you did choose a wrong vendor?  Most probably not. So instead of asking just for references, you should ask for the non-reference customers. That is those customers who are not on their ready-reference list.

How to test the software vendor:

If they don’t want to give you their non-reference customer list, you can go on this web page and check the historical internet archive – waybackmachine – This web page caches most of the web pages and you can go and check out the software company’s historical web pages. For eg., go back 4 years and look at the references on their web page and ask if it is still a customer? In most cases, you will find out that the initiative has died or the software is not used.


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