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With the Corporater Portfolio Management software solution that helps you effectively manage projects, build in custom stage-gating processes. Create life-cycle paths for your projects and involve any department within your organization. We offer a highly configurable approach allowing customers to involve specific frameworks and features, to provide full visibility; from planning and prioritization, through execution and delivery of your activities and milestones.

In addition, our solution will allow you to monitor project risks, and create rich visualizations and reports. If you need additional process support, you can easily configure contractor evaluations, project meetings, or other supporting activities.

During the planning, execution, and review of projects and portfolios, communication is the ingredient that keeps things moving. Stakeholders need a different mix of information; during the planning phase, they might need to know resource needs, costs and comparisons to alternatives and during the execution phase, they might need progress reports, issues and risk handled and spending. Enable any type of communication through the Corporater platform and ensure quality.

Corporater is listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Corporate Performance Management. The Corporater Business Management Platform combines analytics, planning, and execution to deliver business outcomes.

Corporater Portfolio Management Software

Key Areas Supported

  • Portfolios
  • Project management
  • Project risk management
  • Project and task statuses
  • Collaboration
  • Both quantitative and qualitative data roll-ups
  • Value drivers
  • Gantt and progress charts
  • Connecting projects with metrics
  • Automatic notifications
  • Built-in project tracking
  • Unlimited departments
  • Filtering of project status
  • Monitoring budgets

Key Features

  • Supports your management framework
  • Advanced status calculation features
  • Approvals
  • Assessments
  • Prioritizations
  • Analytics
  • Automatic notifications
  • Access control
  • No coding, only configuration
  • Collaboration
  • Set up unique workflows and processes

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Delivering project overviews to executives require data, summaries and insights.

With Corporater, your project activities, stages and outcomes are easily captured and summarized for you, allowing you to spend less time preparing reports, and more time delivering value.


A single click delivers an immediate, real-time view of portfolio status, including the progress, cost, resources, commentary and more.

All visualizations and fields can be configured to your specific needs.


Do you manage your portfolios in stages? With Corporater, you can integrate your stage gating within your portfolio dashboards to monitor the movement of your portfolios.


Monitor the health of your portfolio. Track the status of sub-projects, issues, overdue items, and undervalued activities – automatically.


Deliver informative insights to help them execute projects, and make proactive, data-driven decisions.


Provide managers with the tools to set up projects, milestones, sub-tasks and additional details. Assign accountability, upload attachments, monitor results, update data and add team members.


Keep your stakeholders informed with automated, pixel-perfect reports.

Reports seamlessly collect and distribute portfolio data. Reports can be scheduled, shared, emailed or published where and when you need them.

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